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Have you ever wished you could own a leopard or wildcat in general? If you have, look no further than the Bengal. It’s a domesticated cat breed with Asian Leopard Cat bloodlines, giving it the look of a wildcat, but rest assured they’re completely domesticated. Being a rare and sought after cat it can be pretty pricey, but the price if worth it for such a luxury animal. As for their appearance, they are mostly shorthaired with rounded faces. They’re also fairly large cats. They can have different coat colors and patterns including rosettes, tiger-like stripes, or they can have a marble pattern. Owners can choose from a large array of desirable colors such as grey with black markings, sandy brown, tawny brown, brown, sorrel, silver, and snow bengal tones. There are also other unrecognized and undesirable coat colors such as blue and black (melanistic). Typically, a Bengal is a well behaved cat, making it a good addition to most families, although a Bengal is not a good pet for young children. They play like in the same fashion small housecat, just with larger claws and teeth, meaning they can unintentionally harm a small child. They’re also a high maintenance cat, and they don’t do well indoors. Don’t be alarmed if your Bengal doesn’t come home one night, they often spend the night outside hunting. Just make sure they don’t bring any caught animals inside with them, when they decide to come back inside again. All in all, the Bengal is an attractive cat breed with a unique personality. Bengal Cats and Savannah Cats both have wildcat ancestry, and are commonly seen as the same species, but they are very different. They Bengal has Asian Leopard Cat lineage whereas the Savannah cat is larger and has Serval lineage. Both Bengals and Savannahs are affectionate and enjoy attention, but each have unique genetic traits and personalities. Savannah cats, like their ancestors who could run 45 mph and jump almost 12 feet, are extremely athletic and can accomplish amazing feats of agility and speed. Whereas Bengals are more lazy and would prefer to just lay in your lap, but these pets will go through periods of extreme activity and playfulness and just as suddenly call it quits settling in for long periods of affection giving and taking. Due to both cats wildcat ancestry and natural instincts, they strangely enjoy water.Both cats rarely show aggressive qualities, although they can become too playful and possibly harm owners or small children. This is one of the many reasons that both breeds are not a pet for first time pet owners. In conclusion, Savannah Cats and Bengal Cats are alike and different in many ways but they are both most definitely not the same breed.When choosing a kitten, especially a Bengal, it’s best to do your research. This is because you would be paying a large sum of money for this animal, so you would generally look for the healthiest, best looking kitten in the litter. In order to find a kitten that’s actually worth the large sum of money you would’ve paid for it, it’s best to follow these steps.First and foremost, if you’re looking for an animal to show, make sure the kitten you’re looking to buy has a pedigree. If your kitten doesn’t have a pedigree, it cannot be entered into any reputable cat shows, nor can any of its kittens (if you are looking to breed) gain a pedigree. Next, if you’ve decided on a kitten, it’s best to meet the kitten before you purchase it. Don’t purchase a lethargic or weakling kitten out of pity, and watch for signs of sickness, diarrhoea, sticky eyes or stuffy nose. Then if the kitten seems to be alright, then play with it and see how it reacts. Normally, the reaction is more based off of the kittens personality, so unless the kitten seems ill, it’s ok for it to be a little lazy. If the kitten checks out with all of these steps, congratulations, you’ve found a suitable cat, all that’s left now it to bring it home.Sometimes Bengals aren’t perfect little angels, and they’ll misbehave for attention. Have you ever been woken up at 1:00 AM from your Bengal yowling because it wants attention in the middle of the night? I have. Have you ever had your cat knock your pencil and homework off of your living room table while you were in the middle of trying to complete it? I have. I’m not going to lie and say a Bengal is an easy pet, but they can be trained to behave properly with a little bit of training. If your Bengal is energetic and wants to play, it’s a good idea to take it for a walk on a leash or play with it. This will tire it out. If your cat wants attention in the middle of the night, maybe you should leave toys out for it and make sure it has food and water before bed. If your cat has any other behavior problems, perhaps you should check with a cat’s behavior specialist.It’s obvious that Bengal’s inherited their typical spotted coat from the Asian Leopard Cat, but what else did they inherit along with it? The body type of many Bengals, relates back to their wildcat ancestors. Because of this, they are larger and more energetic than most house cats. Bengals are also primarily hypoallergenic like the Asian Leopard Cat. Many people who are allergic to cats report having few or no symptoms when with a Bengal. The only logical reason for this is that the genes from the Asian Leopard Cat have suppressed the genes which cause the allergens that most people are allergic to. They also have physical features beneath the skin that are akin to that of their wildcat ancestors. This includes their extremely muscular hind legs which they also inherited from the Asian Leopard Cat. This allows them to leap higher than most cats. Strangely, they cannot run faster than the typical cat, but can accelerate faster. They also have a thick build and are all around more muscular than most domesticated cats.The Asian Leopard Cat’s genes may have caused many of the aspects of a Bengal’s physical features, but it is still a domesticated cat, meaning it behaves like one. A Bengal is not a true wildcat, so it isn’t as wild or dangerous as an Asian Leopard Cat. A Bengal is a little peace of the wild that fits well in almost any household.

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