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Have you ever looked at something and wondered how that could be similar or different than something else? Two such structures can fit this type of description well. More specifically, how the Empire State Building and the ISS (International Space Station) You might think, how, how could these things even be seen as the same? Well you’re right, there aren’t many ways at all that they are the same. The differences however, there are many of them. Amongst this list or comparisons, there are the structures: location, size and cost. The ISS and the Empire State Building have some very unique aspects and history, you might be shocked by some of it. The location of both structures are drastically different, literally, out of this world. Of course you would know where most structures are built on Earth right? Well in some cases they aren’t. “The most expensive house isn’t even properly located on Earth. The ISS, which is circling in orbit above us right now.”(The most Expensive House in the Universe) “Today, New York’s Empire State Building is one of the most famous structures in the world.” (W.M Akers) As stated clearly the ISS is not located on Earth but is in orbit. The defining of the Empire State Building’s location is even more clear, as stated it is located in New York, which is on Earth. Perceived in the easiest way, they have way different locations. Maybe the price could be similar, right? Not even close. There is a major difference when it comes to the price of these 2 structures. “The cost to build this engineering marvel, which is roughly the size of a football field, is around 150 billion dollars.” (The Most Expensive House in the Universe) “The building of the skyscraper represents an investment of $50,00,00.” (W.M Akers) Materials and other factors come into play when the cost of a structure is drastic. The ISS cost way more than the Empire State Building, and that is a fact. You may even be surprised about the size of both structures. “The cost of this engineering Marvel, which is roughly the size of a football field…” (The Most Expensive House in the Universe) As for the empire state building, “The mooring mast was planned to reach about 1,300 feet above Fifth Avenue.” (W.M Akers) So, the Empire State Building is about 4 times bigger than the ISS. Now that is a surprise, due to the cost of both as well. Have you ever looked at something and wondered how it was different or similar to something else? The ISS has a very different location, literally out of this world different. The ISS cost way more, the Empire State Building can’t even match. The Empire State building is bigger, this is a surprise knowing how much the ISS costed. Sometimes the cost of something doesn’t mean it will be bigger, maybe the location just makes the difference.

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