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HEALTH BENEFITS OF DEHYDRATED FOODIntroductionDehydrated Food or Food Drying is a method of preservation where food is dried (dehydrated) to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus.This method has been followed since ancient times to preserve food where they had to store food during shortage.Food was dehydrated in the form of evaporation, smoking, sun drying or air drying but now there are several food driers available in the market which uses freeze drying, sublimation or evaporation by using preservatives like potassium, BHA or BHT.There are many benefits of dehydrated food like they taste great, natural, less expensive, portable and reduces waste. Several foods can be dried by dehydration method dry fruits are one such good example of dehydrated food which has been consumed historically due to their high sugar content and rich taste. Meat, Fruits and Vegetables all can be dehydrated.Benefits1. Nutritious and HealthyDehydrated food is far better than other form of preservation like cooking or preservation of food using chemicals. Dehydration retains 100% of nutritional value of the food. Dried sprouts and vegetables are low in cholesterol during live and once dried they are rich in fibre. Drying process retains vitamins as such and minerals like potassium, selenium are also retained within them.2.Cost wiseDehydrated foods in the market can be expensive or cheap depending on the food value and the method of dehydration used. Home drying can be done by using electric dehydrators or sun drying which is cost effective but the industrial food dehydrators uses freeze drying where food is flash frozen causing the food to sublimate directly from the solid to gaseous phase. The appliances used in freeze drying are expensive hence the dehydrated food you would want to buy from market might make holes in your pocket.3. Easy to store and preserve.As dehydration removes moisture from the food  it inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.             When you dehydrate the food shrinks allowing you to preserve it easily. They also have long life time period.4. No chemicalsThe best part of dehydrated food is that they contain just one ingredient that is the food itself. They don’t have any preservatives or chemicals as dehydration can be easily done at home.

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