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HEALTH IMPACT OF CYCLING LONDON (Reuters) – A bicycle rental project that has been in place for several years in the capital – the so-called “Boris bikes” for London Mayor Boris Johnson – has begun to show a positive impact on user health, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal. The study said there were more benefits for men than women. It also benefited the age groups of 45 years and older who needed more physical activity. The health benefits of the project outweighed the negative effects of injuries and environmental pollution that contribute to the deterioration of the health situation. The study concluded that encouraging more seniors to join the project would lead to more health benefits. The bicycle rental project was initiated by Barclays Bank in London in 2010 and led by Boris Johnson, the mayor of the London who promoted it so, that people called it the Boris Bikes. The study, prepared by researchers at the Medical Research Council, the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and the University College of London, followed the bicycle rental project over a period of one year from April 20 to May 2001 until May 2012. The researchers monitored the participation of 578,607 trips by users on cycles and used physical activity data, travel, traffic accidents and air pollution to get access to the effects of bicycle rentals on health in central London. The study revealed that the benefits of bicycle rental actually outweighed the damage caused by the project when the rates of injury caused by cycling were taken into account.Bicycles were found in the 19th century in Europe and have spread throughout the world, with an estimated one billion bicycles worldwide, surpassing the number of cars with two bikes per car. The bicycle is one of the main transport routes in many areas to the present day, an environmentally friendly means of pollution and low noise, in addition to giving the driver a sense of recreation and sometimes careful exploration of the landmarks of the road. The bike is used in courier services. It is also used as a fitness device to maintain health and improve all functions of the body and maintain health, it works to strengthen muscles and stimulate blood circulation and regulate the state of the heart and improve pulse, and exercise joints of the body, in addition to the revitalization of the mind and weight loss, Ride the bike ten minutes a day. Because man is by nature constantly seeking everything that is convenient on the one hand and beneficial to his health on the other hand, in addition to the lack of material cost, both in the acquisition and in the use of it as a means of transport that provides the user with mass or private transport expenses, It has many benefits. Britain was the owner of a number of European countries that used bicycles, and the geographic nature of cycling and weather in different regions helped to provide the private roads, signs and instructions for driving the bike and how to manage it in a country. Vital, packed with various heavy transport methods. Not surprisingly, the use of bicycles and the use of space for use by the general public is not only the use of the public; it has become an eye-catching phenomenon. Britain is the largest and most luxurious car manufacturer in the world, but the bikes are very popular among its residents. Not surprisingly, it is not exclusive to the general public or to those with low incomes; it is even greater than politicians, Business, employees … etc. Former London Mayor Boris Johnson launched the first bicycle rental project in 2010 under the auspices of Barclays Bank in central London and then celebrated the project four years later, with the possibility of cycling for half an hour. “According to my experience, there is no greater way to enjoy London than to ride on two wheels during the fourth anniversary celebration, and we offer everyone the opportunity to roam around our beautiful capital free of charge,” Johnson said. “Whether you’re a cyclist or a beginner, you just need to be able to hop on the bike and go sightseeing to see the famous landmarks of London.”In a surprise move inspired by a strategy of finding alternatives to busy streets, a group of companies in London are planning an ambitious plan to turn part of the Thames into a mere eight-mile-long bicycle route. The idea is to reduce permanent risks due to collisions between bicycles and trucks on the city’s congested roads. The “Thames” floating corridor on the south bank of the river between Battersea and Canary Wharf will prove to be the centrepiece of the Millennium Bridge. The elegant bicycle lane will look like something from the future The idea of this corridor was pioneered by the River Saikloi Group of Companies. The group is headed by British architect David Nixon and co-owner Anna Hill, who work with Arup Engineering and Design (the Sydney Opera House) and Hugh Bruton Architecture. This team should disclose the details of the design and how the corridor will be floating, and which materials will be used in construction. But the project, initially reported to be funded by the private sector, is expected to cost about £ 600 million (about $ 965 million). Supporters say the fixed fee of £ 1.50 per ride on a bicycle will help to meet maintenance costs. The floating corridor will include ladders for access, refreshment booths, and sensors spread along it. These devices will transmit information to cyclists, such as traffic news, density, congestion, weather and the river. This air corridor will rise and decrease with the tide of the Thames. Solar energy and wind power will be tidal sources to provide electrical power needed for lighting and other needs. If this project is approved, it can be completed in a period not exceeding two years. The passage will accommodate 12,000 bicycles per hour and will provide half an hour of transit time. The project proposal is the latest in a series of ambitious plans designed to make London, which is expected to grow by 12 percent over the next decade, safer and easier to navigate. Late last year, for example, the British architect and proponent of cycling, Sir Norman Foster, the founder of world-renowned Foster Plus Partners, the designer of the famous Jürgen Tower and a number of designers, unveiled a proposal called Sky -Sechel “, a hanging arcade for bicycles. In collaboration with landscape architects from Act Server Architecture and city planners from Space Centex. The network of these bicycle lanes will be car-free and at a length of about 220 km, and Yuzai will have a three-storey building. The network will have 200 connecting points and will be adjacent to existing railways. Although the final cost of the project was not disclosed, the first phase was estimated at four miles at a cost of £ 220 million. Proponents say it is less expensive than building new roads. In addition, London Mayor Boris Johnson, who is fond of cycling, is pushing for the “cycling revolution” in London. He is also leading a campaign to develop the “bicycle traffic network” project, which includes 21-mile corridors that are almost entirely separate from vehicular traffic. The safety of cyclists is not a neglected issue in London, where cyclists represent nearly 25 percent of the rush hour traffic in the city centre. In a tragic period of life in London, which stretched for thirteen days in 2013, six cyclists were killed in accidents on the city’s roads. Between 2006 and 2011, the number of cyclists has increased by 50 per cent. Cycling has many risks, including falling and colliding due to the loss of the bike driver control. the most serious of which is the result of collisions with vehicles, resulting in death of about 10% of the cases. Before riding a bike, be aware of the availability of certain specifications, such as equipped with a bell and light and always make sure that the brakes and wheels are in good condition, because even if you abide by all the safety instructions, this will not protect him from the accident with a bad bike.Conclusion:In this conclusion, it was found that the number of people who ride on bicycles increases daily and this indicates that bicycles have many benefits in terms of health and environment and also useful in economic situations for some people with low income. Bicycle rentals also have many benefits and help people ride them daily because the price is suitable for the entire population. On the other hand, personal opinions must work in ways that are appropriate and specialized for the owners of bicycles. This helps to reduce the risk and the nappy on their safety and must put some strict laws for the owners of bicycles to protect themselves from accidents because some owners of bicycles do not abide by signs and laws and this leads Lead to deaths leading to death.

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