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Healthy lifestyle means maintaining a balanced and nutritious lifestyle engaging with sport and other health related activities. Healthy lifestyle is imperative for a person to get success in their life. In any nation where people are not healthy then it may be difficult for that country to grow. An unhealthy nations not able to provide proper healthcare and it will be difficult for sick population to work with a great zeal and enthusiastic way. Everyone must need to maintain regularly physical activities, limited role of automobiles, and maintain a healthy lifestyle to overcome with some health related issues.
Maintain regularly physical activities:
There are several ways to maintain a healthy life style like regular exercises, eating healthy food and enjoying stress free life. we can see that technology is growing rapidly in the modern world and due to this it demolishes many physical activities like walking, running, riding a bicycle, Labor work and many other things. Hence, it can also increase obesity among the people and increase laziness while, doing regular activities is very good option to get out with lethargic lifestyle and expand their energy such as, “among middle-aged West African women, more walking was associated with a three-unit lower BMI” (Sobngwi, Gautier, and Mbanya 2003), and “in China, car owners are 80 percent more likely to be obese” (Hu 2002). However, everyone needs to do exercise as it can reduce various types of problems such as heart attacks and diabetes and a person may feel fresh and might be live longer life.

Limit role of automobiles.
It is assumed that people of developed nations are more influenced by automobiles. People who use public transport are likely to walk more than those who have their personal car or other vehicle as it increases accidents and deaths rate in the world. For instance, sometimes people may get distract while they driving a car or any other vehicle then some mishappening may be occurred and cause some serious injuries to own self or another people. Furthermore, to tackle this problem many new strategies are designed to reduce the use of automobiles and motivate people towards walking, bicycling, and public transportation, “. In 1965, city planners adopted a master plan that promoted development along”.
Maintain a healthy weight
Maintain a healthy diet assists to keep the people fit and energetic. Globally, wide obesity can be seen everywhere and it is increasing massively. Overweight people have more health related issues than fit people. Moreover, Sometime overweight may be cause of high arterial blood pressure as we can call it hypertension and more rising in type 2 diabetes, these both things can be increase to the death rates from cancer of the column, breast, and kidney. If person can control their weight, then mortality rates will decrease and live life of people would rise and also, people can enjoy their life with healthy and stress free lifestyle.

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Conclusion: There are several ways to have a healthy lifestyle and also take more benefits from healthy life. Practice this healthy life style by doing regular practicing such as avoiding eating junk food, maintaining proper balanced diet and regular exercise.

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