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Hearing Loss – What Can You do Do About ItA recent study by BBC revealed that nearly 10 million people in the UK have hearing problems. Often people tend to think that hearing problems is an inevitable part of ageing. Although it is true that hearing ability does decline with age there are other factors too:-Noise ExposureTraumaHereditary factorsEar DiseaseWhile there is nothing much you can do about hearing loss in the aged. There are things you can do if you experience hearing difficulty in the earlier years. It is important to bear in mind that it can have serious consequences if you ignore it.What impact does hearing loss have on a person?Struggle to be a part of a conversation in public spaces like restaurants, pubs, gatherings etcSocial isolation often leading to DepressionIncreased risk of cognitive decline or DementiaThere are a lot of hearing aids/devices available in the market to help people with hearing difficulty but the fact is that a lot of people are reluctant to wear them either because they don’t like the idea of moving around with a big device hanging around their ears or they are unaware or ignorant of the fact that they need help with hearing. There are certain signs and symptoms which tell you that you have hearing problem and need immediate attention(insert infographic)Apart from hearing aids there are other things that you can do to improve the situation and converse betterHave eye contact with the person you are having a conversation with – This improve concentration and can help you understand what the other person is trying to tell you.Make sure there is sufficient light so you can see the person clearlyLearn to Lip-read – This is a special skill that helps you study the lip movements of the person and understand what he/she is trying to say.So while there is no direct cure for age-related hearing loss there are treatments/aids available for hearing loss which can improve situation and prevent future problems.

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