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Helically coiled tube heat exchangers
have seen extensive use in industrial applications such as in refrigeration,
condensers and evaporators in the food industry, heat recovery systems, power
generation, process plants and the nuclear industry where helically coiled heat
exchangers are used for residual heat removal systems. This is due to the fact
that helically coiled heat exchangers have a greater heat transfer rate as well
as a more compact design compared to straight tube heat exchangers J.S.

Advantage of
Helical Coil Heat Exchanger

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1.     Helical
coil heat exchanger is higher efficiency rather than other types because they
have large of close aligned helical coil tubes. This design helps to enlarge
the heat transfer area, which results in a higher overall heat transfer
coefficient. This efficiency gives higher production rate while using lesser
energy and that means more saving in both installation and in long run.

2       Helical
coil heat exchanger is known for its compact and light weight feature again due
to their closely packed tubes. The heat exchanger is compact and light weight
design and their unique quality of vertical orientation also indicate that it
will take less space than conventional heat exchanger and will be easier and
less expensive to install at any location.

3       In
helical coil heat exchanger, there are many option available when it come to
model configuration; it means heat exchanger can be used with a wide range of
temperature, flow and pressure. This flexibility have greater value overall.

4       Helical
coil heat exchanger have low pressure drop and require less maintenance because
the structure of helical tubes allows for turbulent fluid flow, which reduces
fouling and scaling process.

5       Helical
coil heat exchanger can be easily removed from the installed piping system that
is necessary for maintenance. It saves time money in both installation and
maintenance and allows smother and hassle-free operation. 


Disadvantage of Helical Coil Heat Exchanger

1.     For
highly reactive fluids or highly corrosive fluid coils cannot be used, instead
jackets are used.

2.     Cleaning
of vessels with coils is more difficult than the cleaning of shells and jackets.

3.     Coils
play a major role in selection of agitation system. Sometimes the densely
packed coils can create unmixed regions by interfering with fluid flow.

4.     The
design of the helical tube in tube type heat exchanger is also a bit complex
and challenging.


Application of Helical Coil Heat Exchanger

         Helical coil heat exchangers are used in
different heat transfer applications:

1       Helical
coils are used for transferring heat in chemical reactors because the heat
transfer coefficients are greater in helical coils as compared to other
configurations. This is especially important when chemical reactions have high
heats of reaction are carried out and the heat generated (or consumed) has to
be transferred rapidly to maintain the temperature of the reaction. They are
used widely in petroleum industries for different applications.

2       The
helical coils have a compact configuration, and because of that they can
be  readily used in heat transfer
application with space limitations, for example, marine cooling systems,
central cooling, cooling of lubrication oil, steam generations in marine and
industrial applications.

3       The
helical coiled heat exchangers are used widely in food and beverage industries,
like in food processing and pre-heating, pasteurization of liquid food items,
and for storing them at desired temperatures.

4       Helical
coil heat exchangers are often used as condensers in used in HVACs due to their greater heat transfer rate and
compact structure.

5       Helical
coiled tubes are used extensively in cryogenic industry for the liquefaction of

Used in hydro carbon processing, recovery of CO2, cooling of liquid
hydrocarbons, also used in polymer industries for cooling purposes.

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