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Hello everyone. Today we few are gathered here to celebrate Jay Gatsby life. For those ofyou who do not know me, my name is Nick Carraway and I was his neighbor and friend. Gatsbywas most commonly known for his glamorous parties, and it is through one of these parties that Ifirst meet Gatsby. Gatsby will always be remembered for his generosity. He continuouslywelcomed hundreds of guests with open arms into his home, providing them with entertainment,relaxation, and glamour. But today this beloved house is the most empty today than it has everbeen. Gatsby’s death turned this exciting, pleasant, and loving home lonely and depressing. Thelively parties seemed to have died with him. The fact that so few showed up is something thathurts and something that’s disappointing. Just a few days ago, hundreds of people attended hisparties. Now that he is gone, nobody care enough to come to show a little gratitude. It hurts meto see that people don’t appreciate him for all that he has done. He had a dream he wanted toaccomplish and it’s a shame someone had to stop him from accomplishing it. I remember theconstant rumors I had heard about him at the very first party I attended. The rumors were crazyridiculous as people would say or do anything for entertainment. No one really knew who Gatsbywas, so let me tell you who he was. Jay Gatsby was a mysterious, ambitious, and hopeful man.Gatsby was always setting extremely high goals for himself. He can be a role model for anyone,because he showed that through hard work and dedication, it is possible to become rich no matterhow much obstacles are in your way. Being rich was important to Gatsby but not in the way it isfor other people. Gatsby came from a poor family from North Dakota. He ran away from homeat a young age and made friends with the wealthy Dan Cody. Cody taught him everything heneeded to know about becoming a wealthy gentleman. After Cody died, Gatsby joined themilitary. But before Gatsby went to war, as a soldier he met the love of his life, Daisy. AfterGatsby returned from the war, he found that Daisy was married to someone else. This saddenedGatsby and he went about making a lot of money so that he could win Daisy back. He becameextremely wealthy, hoping Daisy would come back to him, but unfortunately she did not. Gatsby simply wanted to live the perfect life with Daisy. And he never gave up. Gatsby taughtme a very important lesson. He taught me that money really can’t buy everything. It didn’t buyhim happiness or Daisy. Once Gatsby told me that you can repeat the past. And sometimes Iwish this could be true because then I could repeat the time I had together with him; the longconversations, the parties. When people hear the name Gatsby they will remember his huge,lively, and glamorous parties. Gatsby was not obsessed in money like many other people. He wasa sincere and a generous person. So I say, let’s all remember Gatsby as a generous and loyalperson; a person with a huge heart and a huge dream. A hard worker that never gave up, evenwhen his dream seemed so unaccomplishable. This is for my dearest friend, The Great Gatsby.He way my old sport, he was always the life of the parties, he was always hopeful for the best inlife, and he will always be in our hearts. Goodbye old sport.

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