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Hi everyone, my name is Adonis Moore and just for a fun fact or for some of you that don’t know, but Adonis was the name of a Greek God that was known for his beauty and desire which is of course how I feel about myself. But I’m here today to talk to you about times in your life where you may feel as if your lost behind someone’s spotlight. There are times in life when a person feels as if they are living in someone else’s shadow… Well for most of my life I was that guy. My brother, one year older than I, he usually had most of the attention in our middle school and high school years. My whole family loves sports so of course they encouraged us both to tryout for the basketball team. We both always made the team but he was just better than me at the time and by the end of his senior year of high school he was leading the team in points per game and helped take us to win a city championship. He now plays basketball for the University of Pikeville, which is one of the teams in our school’s conference. That was kinda one of the reasons I chose this school just because my brother and couple friends play in our conference and I want to watch their growth as a player. Ok but back to high school. In the games I just used to be so scared to make mistakes that I never really shot the ball and was more passive so then people would be like “oh your brother is so aggressive, why don’t you be like that?” Or they would say “we see which brother got all the talent”. This got to me at times I’m not gonna lie but I was always a hard a worker so that basically gave me something to prove to people. I want to show them I am my own person. I have since then become a lot more confident in my basketball ability and shoot almost any time I get the ball now. I play pickup games a lot here at Shawnee during the week and for the people that watches or plays against me they know I like to shoot or hit the game winning shot. I am originally from Akron, Ohio, which is the hometown of LeBron James so that is really a big basketball city. I really came all the way down to Portsmouth as an attempt to recreate myself and become my own person whether it’s with basketball or just a career in life. Ever since I got here I feel like I’ve been more relaxed and focused. I’ve been playing basketball as much as I can and working out in hopes of making Shawnee’s basketball team next semester. School does come first for me though so that’s mainly what I’m worried about because that’s already stressful enough. I encourage people to get out their comfort zones and just take a risk. Shawnee state is 4 hours away from my hometown so of course I was nervous at first and it also was a different atmosphere. This town can seem dead at times as compared to Akron where there are more selection of things to do and bigger buildings and is also more populated. I’m still getting used to things here and meeting new people, but so far my journey to recreate myself and get out my brother’s shadow has been good and I know I will continue to flourish.

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