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helps explains how the past was, how people lived in the early societies, their
social and economic activities and the development of the modern societies. For
instance, American history, about how colonies and empires were ruled, their
economic activities how they developed helps understand the origin of the
current states and societies. It is also interesting to understand how early
people behaved, how they interacted with each other and how things have changed
to the modern behaviours and culture. Through the help of films and books
written by early authors, one can be able to expand his or her knowledge about
our history the history of any society. This paper discusses the activities of
European empires and the development of distinct American societies.

the book peoples and empires Anthony explains different empires in the American
history and their colonies. These empires includes the Roman, the French, the
Spanish and the British Empire. These empires had common activities such as
political power. Most of them they were ruled by a king who had power over the
empires. The king was helped by elders who helped them rule the empire. They
also had economic activities such as farming. For instance before the Columbian
the Native Americans used to produce nuts, fruits and gardens. However when the
Columbian arrived in the Caribbean they changed some the culture, animal, and
plants that the native used to plant. The Roman Empire was the first empire to
be established. It was ruled by king. Later Spanish Empire was established and
it gain a lot of power (Mann, 2011 27)

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Spanish kingdom was established after the union of the Aragon and the Castile.
In 1492 the Columbia arrived in the Caribbean at this time the Spanish empire
had more than three years of control of a vast territory, this made the empire
very powerful. The Spanish empire expanded their control over the Caribbean
island, South America, Central and South America. During this period many of
Spanish settled in America this changed the cultural and economic activities of
the Native Americans. They also changed the political system which as they had
a different governing systems. Their administration was divided into
viceroyalty. In the 16th and 17th century the Spanish expanded their control
over the South and North America (Anthony, 2007, 55). At this time the
Portuguese had established sugar plantations in the Brazil. This caused
shortage of labour which was solved by buying slaves from Africa. The sugar
plantation and silver mining improved the economic activities in the colonies.
This made the France to join them in the trade and exploring Africa which provided
cheap labour. During the 17th century the Danish, French, Dutch and other
English settlements established territories in Caribbean and America (Anthony,
2007, 55).

 They started practicing same economic
activity. For instance in the mid seventieth century after the Dutch settled in
the northern Brazil, they starts sugar plantation which was an economic
activity practiced by the Portuguese. Later the French and English started the
sugar plantation. This brought about the growth of a society of wealthy
Europeans. This brought rivalry between the French, English, and the Dutch.
This caused a seven-year war between the European empires in 1756- 1763 (Turchin,
2007). During this time the British Royal Navy gained power over its rivals.
British took control over French and controlled the routes to and from India
and America. The war made the colonist in the British North America to fear
attack from the French. The colonist gained support from France and fought the
British, 13 colonies gained independence from the British and formed the United
States of America.

the 19th century, the empires had expanded their economic activities and sugar
plantations. They had explored West Africa and started trading with the
Africans back in the 15th century. They exchanged gold, ivory, and slaves with
weapons and other readymade product (Donna, 2011, 88). The Europeans farming
practice needed human labour this made them buy slaves from Africa to supply
cheap labour. In the 19th century, the Europeans discussed the need for the
civilization of Africa and protection from slavery. This lead to their scramble
and partition of Africa. Many of the European empires took control of many parts
of Africa and spread their power all over the world. The empires later came to
collapse in the 20th century after the World War 1. The war greatly affected
the financial status of the empires, as a result, it was hard to maintain the
empires (Fischer, 1994, 20). After the world war, there was a rise in the
resistance against colonialism. World War II further added the enormous cost
which leads to collapsing of empires such as British. This caused many empires
to lose the colonies and grant them freedom as there was an increase in
resistance and the empires did not have the capital to maintain the colonies.

the history of the activities of the European empires, one can easily
understand the development of the American societies. The red Indians are the
original inhabitants of America before the invasion of the country by the
European empires. The European later colonized and settled in America which
facilitated migration of the Europeans who settled as settlers. They practiced
agriculture where they brought about Agrarian revolution. The production of
food leads to increase in population which resulted in the rise of European
society in America. The European communities wanted a place to settle their
surplus population which had increased back in Europe. The agriculture
production required a lot of labour which European were unable to provide, as a
result of this, the European shifted to the African continent to look for
slaves who would work on the ranches. African slaves were cheap and were easily
available, and due to their unique colour, it was easy to contain them and
monitor their movement.

slaves placed in specific camps near the ranches where they provided labour.
After liberation and intervention by the president Abraham Lincoln, the American
abolished the slave trade, but all the African American who had been taken as
slaves were given opportunity either to settle in America or to go back to
Africa (Poe et al, 2011, 15). The slaves who decided to settle were given
rights and privilege to become an American citizen after the constitutional
amendment, they were later given chances to own identity cards. This explains
how the African America society was founded. The story of migration and
settlement of the African American society is the most painful and interesting
stories among stories of how other American societies developed. The
interesting part of the stories is slaves attaining independence, and being
given chance to vote and take part in social, economic and political


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