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History and literature brings great values and reflections
on feminism. It is almost certainly positive that in history, literature, or
any part of culture, feminism is alive. The future presents new
expectations and brightness on feminism, which lies in different forms. It is essential to discuss how the writing novel, The Color Purple, is able to uncover the
connection to feminism in Persepolis,
the animated biographical film. Those two different texts present strong
and effective voices of women.  In the light of feminism, language
and competence of thoughts and movements contributes to shaping their intimate freedom
and independence along with the perception of distinctiveness.

The Color Purple and Persepolis emphasize reframing women’s
identity by means of examining society and humanity. Regardless of
their background on  differences, those  pieces  contests that  Alice Walker and the  producers  of Persepolis
, Satrapy and Vincent Paronnaud,  manifests the  spectrum of women
and their part in  culture from diverse approaches.

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The position of women in patriarchal
society and their sexuality discloses how some aspects of feminism
and social political settings are sustained in order to
represent women   as a solid demonstration of empowerment.
Both texts take part in not only sharing women’s accomplishments or
exposing women’s turning points and failures, but more importantly, it
clears up the meaning of feminism. Therefore, both works allow the
representation of the identification of feminism that make sense of the lives
of women and their gender. In this fact, it is feminisms that helps to define
women in society.  

 A close reading of The Color Purple makes it possible of seeing feminism as a
perception of being free. Alice Walker in her writing, raises the idea of making
choices that allows you to be free from any fears and constraints. In other
words, all of that is about choices and how to be a woman. The Color Purple is set in Georgia and as Walker says “The
worse thing than being a woman is being a black woman.”  Similar relationship takes place in Persepolis, in   Iran where
cultural and long established intolerance of women exist in the society. Different
visibility rules apply to men and women in public and in private. The essential
position of the veil lays on its material and representation of visibility. Minoo
 makes a significant  impact on the topic of  transnational feminism  of Iran 
thorough examination gender and  fundamentalism.
 calls for “fields of visibility” in the
range of historical and political settings that   “representational frames” or broad development
makes issue understandable and available for regulation and control (68 roshanak
). In Persepolis, the scene in the movie 
with a  veil supports  this idea where Marjane, after  her a long journey  of finding who is she, finally takes the stage,
and  in the front of school official ,
presents her points  on  modesty and freedom. She is like her grandmother
who truthfully fights against fundamentalism and freedom.  Therefore, to be faithful to herself she goes
along with her Grandmother concept that “its fear that makes as us lose our self-awareness”,
and she truly identity the lack of freedom. By accepting her individuality she
correspondingly accepts to being a free woman. More importantly, there is  similar correspondence between Marjane and
Celie that is faced under a classic model of presenting women’s bodies placed
under different patriarchies and  social  rules. Marjane fights against veil in  Iran  whereas
Celie campaigns  for wearing pants in  Southern United States. 

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