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HNL was established in the year 2004 (Formerly Hitech
Electric Engineering and Services), with one operational office in Lahore;

 Largest MS
Vendor Network around the country! More than 46 cities in 5 provinces including
Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Karachi & Quetta!

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·         The company has a great strength in maintaining brand confidence and brand appearance.·         The model built by the company is firmly based on business relationships.·         The company has strong qualities in achieving customer loyalty, such as trust and quality satisfaction, and so on.·         The market position of the company is very strong, because it leads the entire market with the strong presence of the company’s shares.·         The ever-increasing innovation that the company makes on products receives customer attention.·         The company has a very strong position in research and development.

Having over 800 employees;

8 regional offices and 46 sub-offices;

One of the largest managed Services

Catering Telecom, Banking, Government
and Industrial sectors;

Working with all Telecom operators in

35 Qualified Engineers (Elect &

100 Field / Service Engineers

100 Mechanical and Electrical experts

200 Service Technicians

250 other skilled field staff (AC
experts, Riggers etc.);

250 fully equipped Service Vans

HNL has already explored new markets and has a strong
position in Pakistan.

HNL recently has a joint venture with international
company (AGG Power Solution co. Ltd.) for the purpose of international biding
and signed One Asia project. In this project they are just supplying the Gen
sets and parts of Gen sets.

HNL have open a company branch in UAE
that is the major strength of this company

Weakness:. ·         Legal suits and legal steps against the company are major weaknesses in the growth point of view. ·         The company provides services in limited areas, so that the company’s huge profits only depend on this area·         The company relies more on the federal government’s intervention and the whole is dependent on their decision.·         The business was so successful that to expand the business model it was a barrier to the company.·         Contestants provide prices and competition reduction elements with local producers worldwide.


The company has to spend more to improve the company’s structure.

Good purchases must be made by the company so that they can be
used properly for production.

The investment of Pakistan’s HNL (Hi-Tech Network) business
needs more investment. Service units must be expanded with the overhauling
section of the company.

Extension and merge companies should be made especially in
abroad, expanding vision and increasing sales.

The company will have to struggle to increase the financial
condition, then if it is possible by increasing the loan factor.

Developments must be made in the products and services produced
by the company.

·         The company’s marketing service must be promoted in several ways·         Environmental involvement in the control of long-term needs and control of oil and gas should be evaluated.



·         The rise in the cost of raw materials is a big threat to the company, which is used in the process of revision·         The growth of the company is particularly affected by the financial condition of the strike of the economy.

The issues raised by consumers in price, since prices are fixed
in their issue contract. Load shedding is a major threat and affects HNL’s
business badly.

The local company prices have declined in every region.

Fuel prices have been changed and there is a huge impact on
their HNL business

·         It is inconvenient to include government policies and rules within the company, because it reduces the company’s reputation at risk.·         The main threat of the company is the competition that comes from its powerful competitors in the market.·         The cost of building a company is considered a threat because the production does not meet the bed for the profit of the company.

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