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Home cleaning tips for allergy sufferers

The allergy is an exaggerated reaction of the human immune
system, which identifies certain harmful as tolerated by most of the population
elements. This response, far from benefiting the patient, causes significant
damages, such as epidermal or mucous inflammations. The experts point out two
fundamental causes that trigger the appearance of allergies: environmental
reasons and genetic factors.

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Allergic is not born, but it is possible to have a certain
genetic predisposition that, combined with environmental components,
precipitates the appearance of the reaction. The agents that elicit the
hypersensitivity responses are called allergens.

There are several types of allergens, and many of them are
present in homes, posing a risk to all members of the family. Mites, pollens,
pet epithelia, wheat flour, latex or food are some of them.

In the cleaning of the home, it is advisable to take special
precaution with the inhaled and contact agents. Lachrymation, nasal congestion,
red eyes, asthma or shortness of breath are some of the most characteristic
symptoms of allergies. If you want to know more about ‘how to eliminate mites
we recommend the article:  8 infallible
tricks to eliminate mites

If you are allergic to any of the elements listed or present
the symptoms described in the previous paragraph, follow these tips to cleanse
the different rooms of your home:


Try to clean the filters of the air conditioners regularly
and the ducts at least once a year. HEPA filters or high-efficiency filters are
especially advisable since they are capable of capturing tiny particles.

The carpets are not recommended. If they exist, proceed to
aspirate them daily.

On the other hand, it ventilates the room after midmorning,
because it is the time of day when the pollen levels fall.


The bedrooms are a sensitive spot for allergy sufferers.
Keep in mind that we spend many hours a day sleeping and mattresses or pillows
are propitious territories for mites. Likewise, it is recommended to keep pets
away from the rooms, especially in the spring. The dog or the cat may not be
the source of the allergens, but they may carry pollen particles or other

Bedding should be washed with hot water (at least 60
degrees) once a week, and the mattress should be thoroughly vacuumed every two
weeks. It is about avoiding the accumulation of dust and mites. Remember that
around 40 percent of cases of rhinitis is caused by the latter.


It is important to use the smoke extractor every time it is
cooked. This avoids the odor and the accumulation of grease, but also the hood
becomes a vehicle that transmits all kinds of allergens.

As for the refrigerator, it is essential to clean it often and
prevent water from getting stuck in less accessible compartments.

For the rest of the kitchen, it is advisable to use specific
disinfectants, for sale in any trade.


The bathroom is another room in the house, in which the
allergic should pay particular attention. Use anti-mold cleansers and wash the
shower curtains with chlorine.

In the bathroom, therefore, you must be very scrupulous with
the daily cleaning tasks. Keeping it ventilated is crucial, but remember to
open the window only in the middle of the day during spring.

After showering and to avoid the lack of perspiration in the
bathtub or dish, leave the screen or curtains open. You can consult more
relevant information about the cleaning of the bathroom in the previous
articles:  How to clean the joints of
tiles and tiles and   How to remove the

As you can see, proper cleaning of the home can become an
exceptional ally of allergic people. Maintaining a daily routine in this regard
can be very useful. Do not forget, finally, change your clothes when you get
home (the fabric accumulates all kinds of particles), clean the furniture
frequently with a damp cloth and use anti-mite covers on cushions, pillows, and

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