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HOW TO GIVE YOUR BOSS FEEDBACKBy: Amy Gallo       John Baldoni says, leadership is all about perception; if leaders don’t know how other experience them, their performance suffers. But the ability to give feedback to our boss depends upon the situation because we cannot compromise our work, and our relationship to our boss as an employee. We could give upward feedback or constructive ones to our boss if that boss of ours is rational and open-minded, to a boss that is somewhat not a terror but with a good relationship to us, as his or her employee, rather than giving feedback to a kind of boss that is not approachable, close-minded and irrational one because giving such feedback to that kind of boss, seems likely crossing to the path full of landmines.     Although, giving feedbacks to our boss like that of praising him or her, or appreciating her or him in so many things and ways is much more likely for us to do because reality speaks we in people working in the government really know that giving feedbacks or rather sharing it to our bosses seems like a bombshell or an oozing sound of landmines to our ears but then we always tend to weigh things up most especially the entire situation on where and when should we give such feedbacks, for we know that giving any kind of feedback really requires a bunch of confidence, a thousand miles of thinking and a very careful thought of that matter.     Moreover, in an industry or an organization we are living or working right now, we could not always deny the fact that we should obey first to our bosses before we complain. This serves as the aphorism of every worker, a common notion that we must keep in mind especially when it comes to serious situations. Further, giving an unfavorable feedback either upward or downward could cause misinterpretations and misunderstandings. That when taking to someone higher in the hierarchy may probably result in either pleasant or unpleasant reaction especially if one does not carry it out properly. For we people still hold on to the saying of Sir Isaac Newton that, to every action, there is an equal opposite reaction.     In addition, the channel wherein the feedback is being relayed, the attitude of the sender to the receiver, the content of the message and the capability of the receiver to interpret are some of the areas that we should consider in giving our superiors a feedback.    Hence, as problem or success arise we could not tolerate just to look at a person without any feedback suggestions in mind especially if we are a part of the team. For as we see ourselves being at the lowest we really hesitate to input some thoughts regarding any topic whether it poses relativity or not. Giving our own idea or knowledge may either result to acceptance or rejection that might cause impact in our performance and knowing our boss attitudes, ideas, perceptions, and principles might be a huge help for us to efficiently communicate with each other peacefully, fairly and justly. Besides, the actions brought about by our bosses would always be perfect in his or her own eyes, yet even how perfect it may see, there will always be a variety of comments or effects that might come out of the shell.     On the other hand, if we have a suppressing kind or superior it would be a struggle for us to give some feedback until such time that we would likely resort to shutting our mouth. For there are no shortcuts in winning our bosses trust and confidence, we must always undergo a series of process in order to earn it and it is a very rocky road of journey to earn one and as an inferior being we must learn to feel, see and understand the mood and mode of acceptance of our bosses. So, we must not exercise immediately our actions but definitely we must always read our receivers and evaluate in in our minds if he or she is an open-minded or a close-minded one, that is why we should always be nice to every person we meet and acquaint with whether he or she is our boss or not. Just smile because a smile is more than like a feedback.    

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