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How people can communicate from so far?


By an Social application (Etelegram)

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Pulkit Kaushik



Sangeeta Choudhury ma’am


Rungta international school



Table of contents


     The Global context

     Primary research And gathering               

of information



The Goal

The global context’s effect

The original product criteria

Additional research


Taking action


Modifications to the plan

Personal insights on research




Evaluating product


New insights on the topic

New insights on the Global


Development of the IB learner




For the report

For the project as a whole










The inspiration for my topic has
come from years of fascination. Since I 
was of a very young age I had an increasing curiosity for the social
media and how it works. Pursuing that curiosity, I have read many  different books and watched numerous
documentaries, enhancing my  knowledge of
social application as well as creating more of this urge to discover and  inquire. Back then, my dream was to become an
software developer and to work on any famous social media company and see
myself as a software developer, but more recently, I have been gaining an
interest in what happens  behind the
scenes at companies such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, and have  been fascinated how these work and bring
better for us.






My Idea (Why Social media)?


Whilst pondering for a good idea,
I began veering towards a topic with 
relations to the subject of networking. Many different ideas came into
light, but I  ultimately decided to
investigate the challenges that software engineers face  when they build application, and this would
be done through the creation of my own application . I knew I would encounter a
wide variety of difficulties in my social app, so it would help me imagine how
much more difficult it is to create an app that can connect people in a
different way.

The creation of application was
not the only product that I  pondered
about, as numerous other ideas came to my head. The strongest  competitor was the creator of a Social site
not an Social application, which I could have 
perhaps used to study deeply about application creation and more
features. Although this idea was of a strong interest to  me, it is an expensive product to build, with
the designs I wanted  costing anywhere
from Rs.5000 to the outrageous price of Rs.15000. This is because I need to
learn programming online cause i am in hostel I can’t get help of any software
engineer or get any software classes.


The global context


Another decision I had to make
regarding my topic was which Global 
Context I needed to revolve my project around. Out of the six options,
the one  most suitable was ” fairness and
development.” My plan was to research 
the basics of the technology behind how social networking work—combined
with the  foundation of prior knowledge
that I had on the subject—and then innovate 
technically through the creation of my own cheap, functioning, a good
working networking app, which would be created by coding. 


Primary research And a             gathering of information


When investigating the different
topic ideas for this project, I needed to 
conduct some simple, preliminary research to ensure that I understood
certain  aspects of the creation.

I have done lots of research and
gathered many information for this project first i went to :

Where I learn coding and app
building when I completed my course then I was knowing how to create a social
app but for new ideas I went to : where I got many ideas like adding new features to my
app like – calling, adding status, stories and much more. Then I finally
started creating an app and I faced many problems Which were solved by : then I finally completed my product would cost much
more than that.

The other important piece of information was to get a general idea of
the  difficulty of building these
product. Unfortunately, I struggled to find this  information online, but my brother has some
good friends of his who used to work on networking company’s , so I spoke to
them in depth, and gained some  valuable

This information aided me in the decision of what to create as a
product.  Speaking to the experienced
about networking applications further increased my curiosity in that  field, so I decided to create an Social app
rather than social site.  Furthermore, it
is considerably cheaper to make a social application, which played a  large role in my final decision on the



The goal that I formulated for
this project was to learn more about how social networking works and basic
computer science, through the means of designing and  building my own model application by
December.  A picture of the created app
can be seen in Appendix A. Although this was the original goal, this
project  brought me so much more,
especially since I now have a newfound interest on social networking sites.


The Goal


The first part of my plan to
achieve this goal was to conduct a solid 
amount of research into the basics of computer science, as well as app
creation (coding).  The basic computer
science would help me understand how this network work, as the  topic is of great interest to me.
Furthermore, it is useful to have a nice foundation  of knowledge whenever completing a difficult
task, so this research would help  me
understand about big social networking sites and application. The research
into  creating application , however, was
essential for my project. I needed to understand  certain aspects about application that are
crucial for the making of such  a

The next part of my plan was to start the software and write codes  and plan its creation. I  needed to create more detailed
specifications, and an completed coding product, and even predict  the flight statistics through the use of
simulating computer software. All of this 
would eventually put me in the correct position to actually make the
application from an try to the original product Arguably the most difficult
stage, this would put all my newfound 
knowledge to the test, as app should need to be created quite precisely
to work  properly. Finally, I planned to
start my creation to see how it performed. All of  this would gift me with some valuable
experience and tons of new knowledge, 
essentially fulfilling my original goal.


The global context’s effect


As mentioned previously, the
selected global context for this project was 
“fairness and development.” Although it is difficult to innovate with
big networking sites (as the hobby has been a popular one for decades,
resulting in  current designs being very
efficient and reliable), there are still minor ways in  which a person can innovate, specifically in
the making of the application. Due to  my
lack of experience, I planned on encountering numerous issues, some being  quite difficult to overcome. The innovation
that would need to be completed  would
mainly be through the use of “coursera” solutions to the problems  that arose, as opposed to conventional


The original product criteria


As part of the early stages of the
project, I also needed to set out criteria 
with which I could assess the final product. Although simple, these
were  important criteria that I needed to
adhere with.

I need to take care of my money
spent in this project and I set a limit of money expenditure

An should take care of other
things like my studies and I have set a time limit for this project.


Additional research


The large amount of additional
research that I completed during the 
investigation stage of my project was crucial to the overall success.
For the  majority of the time, the research
remained on the Internet, through a variety of 
useful websites and articles. To start with, I studied the introductory
material of  computer science,
particularly. was a popular 
one for me, as it was very useful, explaining all of this information in
an  understandable manner. It described
the topics without the use of more 
complicated, subject specific vocabulary that only a certain number of
people  would know, which was extremely
helpful. I also came to the realizationthat 
certain sources can also be misleading and unreliable, such as forums or
articles  written by those without
credentials on the topic. I learned through this research  process to stick with better known, more
reliable articles from renowned site  I began
studying bits of information about the 
authors of the articles I read (if provided) so that I could better
understand what  kind of person was
writing the information. Further information on what  specifically was studied can be found in. 


After learning about app creation in general, I conducted research
into  different, important aspects of
networking application. The first example of this was how  I could create my own app. Another piece
of  important information I required was
the different site that help to application can be built out of, which I got
through numerous forums and articles written by coder enthusiasts that were
found online. Although this was the extent of the research I did during the
investigation  stage of my project, I
learned more valuable information in the subsequent  stages, especially tips and tricks that help
during making. Some of these tips  were
obtained through means other than the Internet, such as books,  conversations with other people, and personal






Taking Action

Modification to the plan

As the project progressed, there
were numerous modifications to the plan 
based on unexpected events, ideas, and a handful of other reasons. One
of the  largest and most helpful
modifications took place during my designing stage, in  which I made the decision to attend a seminar
of an software engineer.  This experience
gave me some incredibly useful information, as I spoke with a  large number of computer enthusiasts, asking
questions in all aspects of enquiry. I 
had the opportunity to personally view a very large number networking
apps and sites, which  gave me a much
clearer idea of what to expect. Furthermore, this experience  allowed me to form numerous relationships,
such as with updates and bug fixes,  who
aided me in the future.

Modifications to the Plan

Another major alteration that occurred in the middle of the project
was  the updating of the original
criteria. This new set of criteria was more extensive,  detailed, and realistic, as a result of the
research conducted in the investigation 
stage of the project. Some new specifications that were added include
the  maximum width and weight of the
rocket, the classification of engine that would 
be used, and the aesthetics of the product. The full table of

The other major alterations in my plan occurred during the
construction  stage of the problem, and
all of them were a result of problems that arose during  my original plans. One large example of this
was during the process of solving the errors. I encountered issues with the
alignment and fixation of the error, as well as the precision of their design.
My original plan was valuably  modified
to benefit the product, and details of the entire modification process  can be found in.

Similar problems were encountered with the keyboard , which is
another  key press of the keyboard .
There were issues with sizing, fixation and design, and smoothness, all of
which were overcome through multiple attempts. The final  solution was quite ingenious, and examples
the use of my imagination to modify  the
plan in a way that suited my needs. Further details on the modification of the
application can be found in. 


Personal Insights on Research/Process Used in Product


In hindsight, I am quite pleased
with the effectiveness of my research,  plan,
and process used in the completion of my product. The research  successfully set me up with a strong base of
knowledge, which allowed me to  continue
with the project, as I understood the necessary information. As  expected, there were gaps within the research
that I identified further on in the 
project, but those gaps were filled as time progressed, so the issue didn’t’t  escálate.  

The creation of a plan was also a very helpful action that eased
the  process of project completion. It
allowed me to set goals, which in turn gave me 
the required motivation to finish the product (application) and process
journal before the  deadline. It also
allowed me to ensure that there was “good time” towards the  end of the project, to make sure that any
problems that would inevitably arise  didn’t result in a disaster that would create an inability
to hand the project in on  time. I
believe that the improvement of my goal and deadline setting will be  extremely helpful in the future, as I now
understand my boundaries and limits,  so
it will be easier for me to set attainable goals and deadlines in the future.

The other undertaking that I truly
believe to be one of the most beneficial 
things completed throughout the process was the attending of the
computer science seminar monthly Started in November. I have mentioned it
numerously on previous  occasions, but I
simply cannot properly describe how worthwhile the experience  was. In all honesty, I believe that the
project would have resulted very 
differently (in positive) had this event not been attended, so I am  extremely glad that I grasped the



Evaluation of product     against criteria


After some thought, I had deemed
it more suitable to evaluate the product 
against the developed criteria that were formulated later in the project
(as  opposed to the original ones). I was
very pleased to notice that my application fulfilled almost all the criteria
and specifications that were created. For further  information on the exact criteria. For
starters, my application starts successfully, safely, smoothly hence completing
the first criterion. I believe, however, through my own guesses, that the
application can work as proper as the other social application an sites does. For a comprehensivephotos of the starting day, see

Evaluation of Product Against

The next criterion (which stated
that the amount of  money spent on the
learning of app making course couldn’t’t exceed Rs.13000 was definitely achieved. The application was
made only using android phone and PC’s specified in the research section of
the  project. Finally, the application
was named Hola. vastly improving the aesthetics, but the opinions of others were
not  obtained, so this opinion is solely
a personal one.


New insights on the topics


As predicted at the beginning of
the project, this experience has offered a 
huge amount of new insight into the topics of computer science and app
building as a whole. The additional research completed was quite extensive for
an MYP  project, and the basics of
computer science
quickly grasped my attention. Surprisingly, though, a very large portion of
this  insight wasn’t gained through the research stage, but rather through the  planning and creation stages. When I was the
individual who had to figure  everything
out when planning and building, a whole new layer of knowledge and  understanding was obtained. The experience of
applying my newly acquired  knowledge
allowed me to identify what I didn’t truly understand,
and what  required further research. Some
examples included the understanding of the 
parachute deployment apps, the interior design of a application, and  techniques used in the building of such
application. Furthermore, the new 
insight has only further expanded my curiosity into the topics, so I
believe this  project was a gateway for
me to begin exploring the complex realm of computer science and how it’s applied on a smaller scale.


New insights on the global context


Similarly to the topics, I also
gained some valuable insight into my chosen 
GlobalContext, which was “Fairness and development.” The experience  has demonstrated to me the difficulty and
degree of imagination required to 
innovate, specifically in the scientific and technological categories.

led me to the realization that
unfortunately, in application, most innovation 
has already been made, seeing as the modern version of the hobby has
existed  since the early 2008. Despite
this, I was still forced to create ingenious 
solutions to the numerous problems that arose throughout the project.
The  largest example of this was my
decision to use a second engine site developer.


There were three IB Learner
Profile traits that I believe developed the 
most throughout the project. The first of these traits was to be
knowledgeable.  Although I had a
minuscule base of knowledge on rocket science, it was nowhere  near sufficient enough to carry out this
project, and hence, a great deal of 
research was required in both basic rocket science and model
rocketry.  Furthermore, it wasn’t only the textbook knowledge that grew, but also
valuable  designing and constructing
techniques, which can be utilized in other fields  besides model rocketry.


Development of the IB learner


The second Learner Profile trait
that developed quite largely was to be a 
thinker. I encountered numerous complex and serious issues throughout
the  project, particularly during the
construction section, as have been specified 
previously in the report. In order to obtain solutions for such
problems, I was  often forced to step
back and analyses the situation in detail, in search for a  reasonable solution that would benefit the
product as a whole. Although I  struggled
with such actions at the beginning of the project, my ability rapidly  improved, and I am now confident with my
decision making in complex  situations.

The final Learner Profile trait
that developed by a considerable amount 
was risk taking. Prior to the beginning of this project, I felt more
comfortable  taking the “safe” option in
most situations, as opposed to attempting something  slightly risky. This was mainly due to my
fear of failure, and was a largely 
problematic characteristic of mine. Throughout the project, I was forced
to take  numerous risks; most of which
ended successfully, but others didn’t exactly  result in the same fashion. I was not
disappointed by the “failures” (for lack of a 
better word), but rather viewed in a different light, spotting areas for
 improvement that could be developed on
in the future. I believe that this is an 
extremely important improvement of a characteristic of mine, as risk
taking is  quite essential for success in
the future.




For the report


Went to the seminar at 10 November
explored as gained knowledgeabout 
networking sites and software development.


For the project as a whole


Started learning coding and app
making software developer and more on following sites


For more ideas I went





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