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However, since the implementation of technology has shifted the basal methodology of knowledge production, the unified discipline of astronomy no longer exists. Over time, the discipline of astronomy has been greatly developed, exponentially in recent times due to sophisticated technological advancements which have deviated from the conventional methods of astronomical data collection. These advancements have allowed us to gather immense high-quality knowledge which is supported by evidence. However, if the knowledge being produced no longer obeys the initial routines of production and different methods are used during the different time periods then how can we be sure that the unified discipline of astronomy still exists? For example, in ancient times, astronomical measurements were based on geometry and calculations which allowed astronomers and mathematicians to create models and theories to describe the underlying motions of the universe. Due to the technology that exists today, astronomy is built upon more precision and has changed from an observable science into a theoretical science. Due to the application of various other disciplines and greater depth into the reasons behind natural phenomena made possible due to technological advancements, astronomy has become interdisciplinary with aspects of astrophysics and space science tied within it. Therefore, no direct proportionality exists between the quality of astronomical knowledge and the duration of its historical development. The two variables do possess a positive correlation as our knowledge of the discipline has progressed over time however, the trend has not been constant but rather exponential due to random outbreaks of astronomical understandings caused by advanced technologies. At the same time, the sudden eruptions of knowledge and methods of obtaining data may have shifted our thinking of what constitutes the discipline of astronomy and whether it is still one or has dissociated into more smaller disciplines.

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