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reduced patient wait time.  Prior to the changes made, patients waited
between thirty to forty-five minutes, before being brought back into exam
rooms.  Now, patients wait an average of
15 minutes.  More funding was received
and maintained by establishing community support and involvement, fundraising,
charities, and local events.  A strong
physician network was established by keeping communication channels open with
referrers, regarding mutual patients of interests, and seeking out and
establishing professional relationships with new physicians in the community. 

As a result of the
actions taken, the Royal Palm Beach Health Center, has successfully

Utilize residing medical students

Host free community health screenings

Participate in community health fairs

Join or form a network referral programs

Exercise market power

Join the local Chamber of Commerce and attend
monthly meetings

Objective: Develop positive working relationships with other
healthcare organizations and physicians. 

for Attracting and Maintaining Provider Network Relationships

Involve the community in supporting the health
center financially

Develop and write grant proposals

Launch an annual fundraising program

Attract and maintain funding.

for Obtaining and Maintaining Funding

Measure patient wait time satisfaction

Encourage new patients to print new patient
packet forms from the organization’s website (Forms are to be completed,
signed, and brought in with them to their first appointments).

Schedule follow up visits with Physician
Assistants and residing medical students to reduce overbooking

Minimize double booking

Establish fixed scheduling

Schedule wound care with nursing staff

Prioritize patient visits

Decrease patient wait time and improve patient access to care.

for Effective Scheduling and Patient Wait Time

Performing the
SWOT analysis revealed the need for better patient flow and appointment cycle
time, as well as the need to implement convenient appointment scheduling.  There is also a need to secure adequate
funding for the health center.  The
following are strategies for improving the organization’s weaknesses. 

The mission of the
healthcare center is to provide access to quality healthcare to community
members who are uninsured, as well as those who are insured but have
unaffordable high deductibles and copayments. 
Its vision is to demonstrate outstanding medical care, ensure that
low-incomed and uninsured community members have access to appropriate medical
care, foster a collaborative relationship with the community, attract and
maintain networking relationships with well-qualified healthcare professionals,
and encourage the health and wellness of the community. 


Solid commitment to community mission
Income based fee schedule
Electronic health records
Patient portal
Highly-skilled medical staff
In-house billing department
Governed by a community board

Appointment only/No walk-ins
Long wait times
Difficulty maintaining timely schedule
Must schedule four to eight weeks ahead
Limited financial resources

Improved community relationships and collaborations
Strengthened partnerships
Increased patient satisfaction
Increased funding
Growing community health programs

Increasing after hours
Political, economic, and socio-cultural
Increased pressure to reduce fee schedule
Growth in uninsured population
Lack of funding

The following is
the health center’s SWOT analysis:

Royal Palm
Health Center is a healthcare organization that provides health care to its
surrounding community.  The health
services it provides are free or low cost medical, dental, and vision care for
the uninsured, unemployed, financially burdened.  It’s target population also includes
individuals and families with coverage, but have either very high copayments or
deductibles.  The objective of the health
center, is to ensure that new and current patients have continuous access to
health care. 

analysis is developed during an organization’s planning process, and provides a
clear view of the advantages an organization could have over potential threats.
 Conducting a SWOT analysis involves
deciding on an objective, researching, realistically listing internal factors,
listing external factors, identifying possible opportunities, realistically identifying
potential threats, prioritizing the issues the organization seeks to change,
and developing a plan to tackle each issue. 
Although it was originally developed for use in other markets, the SWOT
analysis technique is now being used in healthcare organizations, which is a
result of the continuous need to adjust and maintain quality care.  

analysis technique was developed by Albert Humphrey (1926-2005), an American
business and management consultant, while leading a research project at Stanford
University’s Research Institute in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  The technique is a general approach used by countless
organizations to assess strengths and weaknesses, and develop action plans to
achieve and maintain quality performance. 
There four elements that make up the acronym SWOT, focuses on both
internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities
and threats).  These four elements work
hand in hand to create a strategy for the advancement of an organization. 

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