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Hua Mulan’s birthdate and year are unknown, but was said to be born into and lived between the years 386-534 a.d. In  Northern China, she became a legendary warrior, and was talked about and mentioned in many chinese households.           Many people think of Mulan as just the version Disney created. Disney’s version and the legend are very similar, but have their differences. The Ballad of Mulan is a poem that tells the legendary Hua Mulan’s story. Hua Mulan was thought to have existed during the era of the Northern Wei dynasty. The stories of Mulan begin with Mulan and her father. There were many invaders in northern China. When China was invaded once more, the emperor called out to arms for at least one man from every family, to take place in the army. Mulan sees that her father did not have enough strength  and was much too old and fragile to serve in battle, and still yet, survive. Unfortunately, her one and only brother was too young to assist in battle in his father’s place. She insisted to her parents that she should serve her country and fight in her father’s place in war.  In order to save her father, Mulan heads into war after having purchased a saddle, horse, and whip form the Northern, Eastern, and Western markets. Of course, she would not have been allowed to take her father’s place if she went looking like a woman, so she rode her horse into battle dressed and pretended to be a man. Fortunately, Mulan had been trained in the martial arts when she was very young and she was very talented when holding a sword. She actually obtained more of a chance of surviving in the war than her old and aging father would have. She rode her horse across the country, rode for a few thousand miles, flew past mountains and rivers, many blood-shedding battles gone by and subsequently, the general was killed during the war lasted around at least ten years. After the decade-long war has passed, Mulan will finally be able to go on her way home after having visited the sovereign of china, the Khan, or the “Son of Heaven”, she tells him that she needs nor wishes anything from the Khan, other than if she may be given a camel, so that she may  ride it on her way to her home. So, then began Mulan’s long journey home. The word had   spread that the famous Mulan was on her way home.           Soon, Mulan’s parents and her younger siblings had heard that the war had ended and that Mulan was alive. So, Hua Mulan’s parents headed out to greet Mulan. Mulan’s younger, more youthful brother began grinding his knife in order to kill no one of the farm animals in order to make a nice meal celebrating   Hua Mulan’s return, and Mulan’s sister waited patiently for her parents and Mulan’s return to their home and family. When Hua Mulan returned to her home, inside her rome after about what was ten years, she fixed her hair and did her make-up. She got dressed in her everyday clothes from ten years ago, and when she got out to greet her guests including her fellow comrades of the war and battle, they looked surprised when they realized that all this time, Mulan had been a woman.

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