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Human trafficking is the exchange of human beings for
money with the aim of forcing them into manual labor or sexual slavery, forced
marriages, and organ or tissue extraction. Men, women, and children have all
fallen victims of human trafficking either within their country or transported
across borders. Human trafficking is a felony against an individual’s right to
free movement by coercing them with the intention of exploiting them.
Consequently, treaties to protect people’s rights have been signed to enforce
it. International Agreement for the Suppression of the White Slave Traffic,
(IASWST) is an anti-human trafficking treaty that endorses and protects human
rights. The treaty was concluded in Paris 1904 with 33 states by 2013 and was
designed in accordance to article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Just like any other treaty, IASWST has elements,
expectations, and actual results. The three basic elements of the treaty are;
The acts, means, and purpose. The act means transporting, recruiting, or
transferring a person from one place to another or harboring them against their
will so that the perpetrators can profit from the victims. The second element
denotes use of force, coercion, abduction, or deception to keep a person
against their will either by abusing one’s power or giving payments or
reimbursements to control the victims. The last element is purpose for
exploitation. Purpose could range from prostitution, forced labor, forced
marriages, sexual exploitation, or slavery. The elements of compulsion such as
abuse of authority, violence, threats, and fraud also help in enforcing the
elements of the treaty. These elements outline the functions of the treaty by
distinguishing cases that constitute human tracking and aids in identifying the
most efficient way of solving the issues.

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The expectations of IASWST cover a wide range of
subjects relative to human trafficking. The first expectation of the treaty was
that it would serve as a tool that enables functional research and enquiry of
human rights proceedings and gauges their impact on human rights circumstances.
Second, enforce activities related to human rights in the United States of
America and other assigned countries. Third, designing and executing technical
cooperation programmes on human rights. Fourth, assessing and addressing
matters of human trafficking and slavery. Fifth, gather and examine human
rights signals in countries that have signed the treaty. Sixth, guarantee that
human rights topics like gender equity are incorporated into political,
economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian agendas and projects. Lastly, the
governments of the countries ratified in the treaty have the authority to
persecute offenders guilty of human trafficking. Subsequently, as much as there
were many expectations of the treaty, some have been achieved while others are
still undergoing execution.

IASWST is at the forefront of battling trafficking by
imposing human rights-based tactic. Since the treaty was finalized, great
milestones have been made to convict human traffickers, and protect women and
children on a large scale. Moreover, the treaty has been responsible for
documenting protocols that entail policies that incorporating principles and
guidelines of human rights while tackling human trafficking. Through IASWST,
the French government also supports procedures pertinent to Human Rights
installing surveillance equipment to monitor traffickers and persecute them

IASWST is an international treaty with elements,
expectations, and results.  The three
elements of IASWST play a significant role in defining the mandatory roles of
the organizing and in identifying their jurisdiction. The elements are designed
in a manner that they all act as a trigger to the results of the treaty.
Similarly, the mandate in essential in enforcing the human rights methodology
in addressing infringement that falls under their decree.  Ultimately, the treaty has evolved over the
years making a great impact in reducing the number of human trafficking across

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