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HVAC Electrician Daily Work Report


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I love my job as a Heating, Ventilation, and Air
Conditioning Technician, as we indeed the guys who make you at comfortable
during different harsh climatic condition. Primarily, my areas of
specialization are notably; working on heating systems, cooling and
refrigeration systems at homes, schools, hospital, office buildings and
factories/ industries. Fascinatingly, we are presented with different
challenges like working in a freezing area, as at that time I would be
repairing a system which is already broken definitely. That ideally is what
makes this job so unique to me, especially bringing out a smile to the previously
worried client.

So which are my primary responsibilities/
job description?

I travel a lot to different worksites where I am
called upon to undertake a duty. So first, in the case of a heating system, I
will review the blueprint to establish the design specification, in line with
repairing or installing a new system. Secondly, I carefully connect the control
systems installed to the water and fuel supply line, air ducts and other vital
components critical for the functioning of the repaired system. Thirdly, test
for the effectiveness having replaced the worn out parts or an overhaul of the
system that I was mandated to repair.

Please note that above-noted duties require a high
degree of competence, given that you have to be fast enough to serve as many clients
as possible, and also accurate, in line with ensuring that a quality job is
undertaken. It is those regards that I have a weekly work plan on some of the
homes to visit, hospital and others, while at the same time, each day offers
two hours free time. The free time is principally designed to cater for the
emergency, as ideally, it is incorrect to keep a customer waiting, for an
extended period when it is only a small technical hitch on the system.

How I do it?

The career demands professionalism and self-discipline
for success. First, I have to take into account that is dealing with an issue
about someone’s comfort or maintenance of value to a particular product is
quite important. You cannot therefore haphazardly undertake duties quickly with
the main attempt being to visit as many clients as possible, and ultimately
higher incomes. Instead, I dedicate all my time to the immediate task, and
through that ensure that I avail all the time and concentration required to
address the problem. However, I have also set a TAT for any duty, which means
that I have to fast-track everything in line with trying to meet my deadline.
Speed and accuracy is, therefore, the most important characteristic for an HVAC
Electrician Technician.


In conclusion, it is important to note though an
under-rated career profession, an HVAC Electrician is as essential as your
security office or even a Doctor. The fact that we ensure you live and work
comfortably is an indication of our usefulness in your lives. However, as noted
in the text, this career is not just as easy as it sounds but instead demands a
high degree of self-discipline and focus. Importantly, for you to build on
referrals or possibly please your boss for a job well done then you have to
abide on the same. Quality is therefore mandatory, especially in the homes,
schools, and hospitals. It pleases me to be that kind of guy you call upon when
you need something fixed.






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