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I am
writing to express my interest in applying for Master of Science in Civil
Engineering – Megastructure engineering with Sustainable Resources. I believe
my education background would enable me to make a strong contribution at the

From an early age I have always been the person with a knack
for fitting things together and helping to solve practical problems. As I
became a teenager I started to become more interested in how buildings were
constructed and stood up so when I finished high school I decided to study
civil engineering and I think it was the most correct decision in my life. Although
there was a lot of problem in my life especially in the two last years of my
study, but there was always something inside me telling me that you have to continue
keep going don’t give up it is your childhood dream so I didn’t give up and I graduated
successfully Komar university of science and technology department of civil engineering.

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After I had internship and I worked as assistant civil engineer,
that work experience in highway and residential fields and what I have learned
from it has encouraged me in my desire to become a qualified civil engineer
because This experience more than anything made me realize that even after
graduating there are lots of thing that I have to learn and there will always
be new things to learn, new techniques, new materials, and new problems to
apply them to, and the best way for learning more is to specify in a specific
field of civil engineering and that will be through studding master.         

When it came to choosing which specialty should I
chose and study, I found out that I should study a master degree related to
structure. before I came to Luxembourg I searched and asked a lot, I knew that
there is a master degree in the university of Luxembourg it was amazing for me
because the master is in Megastructure and sustainable resources and as
mentioned in your website “The Master of Science in Civil
Engineering educates, not only the general Civil
Engineer, but also has a focus on planning and construction of megastructures with the sustainable
use of resources.” so I promised myself to work hard and try hard to
study that master degree and be one of the most successful student and engineer
in the feature.

To achieve my ambition I am presently seeking a place on a
degree course in Civil Engineering with a reputable university where I will be
able to learn more and gain the required academic qualifications to get closer
to my goal. I would like to enroll on a course that encourages students to use
a combination of technical knowledge and creative flair to come up with
solutions to building problems. I want lecturers to constantly be pushing me,
stretching my interests and testing my abilities as I believe it is only this
way that I can reach my real potential.

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