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I Kamal Arya as a professor is delighted to have an acquaintance with Vishwas Hasija. He has been awarded Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from HMR Institute of Technology and Management. I mentored him in Object Oriented Programming and Operating System during his third and fourth semester respectively. During the course of four years, I got many opportunities to observe him closely on academic front and interacted with him personally.

He is a very hardworking and diligent student who has performed exceptionally well in academics. His theory and practical grades highlight his consistency, heedfulness and practical implementation of his learning during the course. He has always participated proactively in class discussions and practical labs. His keen interest in learning new things is apparent from his grasp in different programming languages. For his minor project, he and his team chose to work on developing an application on the android platform, thus showing the willingness to take up a challenge and learn new things. The project was “Ticket Booking Engine for AIR INDIA” which fetches response from Live Web Server of Air India.  He worked really hard and completed the project on time. Besides performing well in his curricular, he has outperformed in extracurricular activities as well. He has represented our college in various inter-college technical fest and bring laurels to college. Vishwas has also played an important role in organizing the college’s technical fest which highlights his leadership and management skills.

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On the personal front, Vishwas is very soft spoken and proactive in helping his peers. He is career oriented and highly motivated to achieve his goals. There was no instance of misconduct involving his presence. I was overwhelmed by his decision of perusing higher studies. I am confident that he will welcome the challenges during his journey and will lead to successful completion of all the expectation. He will make environment prosperous with his passion for success and knowledge and cheerful personality. I have no hesitation to recommend him for Masters in Computer Science. I’d also like to wish him luck in all his future endeavors.

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