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« I don’t want to do a cocktail party. I’d rather people left my shows and vomited », said Lee Alexander McQueen in 1997. The terrible child of the English fashion has always shunned advertising campaigns, only the McQ line has been offered so far glossy publications. Indeed, if the brand is present on all fronts, the spine of the McQueen universe (its collections) has limited visibility. The brand, McQueen always had a complicated relationship with the press.

Extreme is the word for Alexander McQueen. But his vision reached its greatest extreme in the presentation of his collections. For McQueen, the catwalk show was more than just a simple catwalk. McQueen’s renown as an exceptional designer and unparalleled fashion showman. His fashion show insured is status, reputation and renowned. In cyberspace, his shows still rack up millions of views on YouTube. McQueen himself was well aware of that desire and trend. « Usually, communication is done through entertainment media » he commented in 2010. And fashion is part of that. His final catwalk show, Plato’s Atlantis, was streamed live on Both the fashion website and McQueen’s own crashed under the audience demand.

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Since the death of its creator, the brand is running out of steam in a sense. The McQueen style continues to perpetuate but is less loud. Sarah Burton continues the work of McQueen but remains more discreet, always in the shadow of Lee Alexander (previously she was the right hand and faithful friend of Alexander McQueen). It’s really with Prince William’s wedding that the spotlight shines on Sarah Burton’s talent with Kate Middleton’s beautiful lace wedding dress. In drawing this dress, the one that succeeded Alexander McQueen after his suicide offers herself a real consecration, who honors his mentor. After this event, the brilliant designer also dresses other VIPs like: Cate Blanchett, Michelle Obama etc. (Woman of power with worldwide renown)

Alexander McQueen brand follows the core brand and creates an account on Facebook, Instagram, live stream, and Twitter, etc. Their Instagram account is very “active” with several posts per week, revealing the backstage of the fashion shows, the manufacturing secrets of these exceptional pieces, and unveils exclusive content, collection, pieces. The account has more than 6 million followers, but still far behind its competitors. In the fashion category, Alexander McQueen shows a good result, coming in twelfth position with a perfect score in the “passion” category (Netbase).

The official website and the website of the second line (McQ, not a certified account – 118K followers) provide only a few information, their presence on social media/networks is the same, moreover their website is not really users friendly, the links (social media) do not send us back directly to their official social account, but only allow us to share products of the brand. “The world of McQueen” section does not teach us much more, it quickly sweeps through the history of the house, the latest collections, and advertising campaigns, as well as the famous exhibition “Savage Beauty ». There is also a section call « Articles », it’s just a replica and a summary of what we can find on their social media (concerning the latest innovations of the brand or the latest collection AW 18 Women’s show or news).

The documentary film McQueen directed and produced by Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui, will present behind the scenes of the professional and personal world of visionary that was the designer Lee Alexander McQueen, will go out in June, but nothing is mentioned on their official platform (while all the press/media talks about it).

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