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am strong believer in continuous learning and improving, both professionally
and personally. Obtaining a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering
in Arizona State University is the next goal in my developmental streak after
having gained a valuable experience of 2 years, working as an Engineer at Lodha
Group in India. I want to gain knowledge in the field of computational engineering
which will aid me to be expert in the field.


the course of my undergraduate studies, I grew to like some subjects more than
others. Computational
Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Refrigeration and Air
Conditioning and Thermal Systems became favorite subjects. Mathematics is my core strength which I think is due to my
parents who are high school professor of mathematics and science.
I really liked the subjects related to various techniques in computation of
real world problem. CFD taught me overall methodology of preprocessing, solving
and post processing. I got to know numerical techniques of discretization and
solving linear algebraic and partial differential equations. The concept of
mathematical modelling of governing equations of thermal and fluid flow
interested me a lot. FEA taught me how to formulate numerical model for a given
system using weighted residual methods & Reyleigh-Ritz Method. I also
learnt to solve one and two-dimensional element equations using matrices. I gained
hands of experience of using finite element software to model, analyze and
design mechanical engineering systems.

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my undergraduate studies I have worked on projects and technical paper using the
knowledge learnt in my courses. While presenting a technical paper on ‘Micro
Channel Heat Exchangers’ (MCHE), I realized that patience and persistence are
two important ingredients for a successful research. The research focus of my
paper was to get maximum performance out of the MCHE by maintaining a balance
between the desirable heat transfer coefficient and the undesirable pressure

undergraduate degree project was on the topic “NUMERICAL ANALYSIS OF VORTEX INDUCED VIBRATIONS IN 2-D CYLINDER”. I
studied various patterns of flow of liquid stream developing around the
cylinder. For the optimization of the vortex induced vibrations which are being
created around the cylinder, I studied the passive control methods. Out of many
passive control devices like splitter plate, slits, helical strake and shrouds,
I carried out simulations on cylinder by attaching splitter plate to the
cylinder. I calculated drag coefficient by changing values of various
parameters like Reynold’s number, length and width of splitter plate. For the
simulation purpose, I used ANSYS Fluent. I have identified crucial and
time-consuming step of simulations. This step was crucial because I must get
hours on the college lab to use the license of the software because my mesh
size was bigger, and the simulation could not be run on student version of the
software. I got knack of planning by this practical implementation of the
theoretical knowledge which I got from my course in manufacturing planning and
control. This was the first time I learnt how to use my engineering knowledge
to application oriented things.


I am working on the project ‘The World Towers’ which is one of the very unique high-rise
buildings in India. I am working with client to understand the technical
requirements of mechanical packages like refrigeration air conditioning for the
whole building. I am also working on pumping and compression plant requirements
of the site.  While working with Lodha, I
do detailed engineering, interface management and technical finalization for
procurement. I am setting the targets for the contractors for the planning
department. I am also looking after material and manpower allocation. This
process is giving me frontend experience of managing the smooth workflow which
is of prime importance. I also look after inventory management. I identify if
there is anything which will be required in future which will affect project’s
progress by accessing the risk to identify right time to order. For finalizing
the vendor, I compare the prices and technical specifications for the material.
I act as a medium between vendor and client till the end to smoothen the
workflow. As a part of commercial team after identifying contractor, I am
one-point contact for them get all information for all contractors and vendors.
I am gaining commercial aspects of how big real-world project works which is of
utmost value for my overall development, but I want to get back to detailed
technical part of mechanical engineering and want to build my further career in
computational engineering domain and five years down the line, I see myself
working in an industrial sector doing simulation work to optimize and increase
productivity of various systems.


research on Mechanical Engineering master’s program in universities in United
States reveals that the course content of at ASU will best suit my learning
needs. This coupled with ASU’s dedicated teaching and research oriented faculty
will give me sound knowledge in mechanical engineering. Through the courses on Applied Computational
Fluid Dynamics by Huang, Huei-Ping, Finite Element Analysis and Advanced
Computational Mechanics by Professor Jay Oswald, I would gain in-depth knowledge on
computational mechanics. To further my career development in analysis and
simulation, I would like to get involved in teaching and research activities of
Professor Huang, Huei-Ping.


ASU has convinced me that it is the finest
and most apt place for my career development in the path that I have envisioned
for myself. I appreciate the
efforts graduate admission committee puts in meticulously sorting out the
candidates which rightly fits the unique opportunity ASU must provide. I shall
be pleased if the graduate admissions committee considers me eligible for the
Masters of Science at Arizona State University.

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