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I have always imagined my dream career as a work where you can devote energy to creative, mental and most importantly mental activities. Scientist as a profession seemed to fit perfectly to this requirements so I chose a field of science that suits me best. I entered a bachelor degree with majors in Genetics and Crop Breeding in the Timiryazev Academy. Immediately after being enrolled as a student, I started to work in a laboratory in Center for Molecular Biology. The laboratory was focused on studying tandemly repeated DNA sequences found in common wheat. I assisted the staff with laborious techniques for the purpose of creating new cytogenetic markers for wheat varieties. I had been working on the project for a year and a half and presented the results at the conference.Genetic engineering and its application in agriculture fascinate me how relatively easy we can alter crop genomes towards novel products with higher quality, so one year ago I joined the research group at All-Russia Research Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology. The goal of current research is to edit tobacco and potato genomes to develop de novo virus-resistance alleles via CRISPR/Cas9 technology.Time spent in learning and in scientific research gave me confidence that my career field was chosen correctly and that it is a path I wish to follow. Skoltech Master’s program offers the opportunity to gain essential laboratory skills to do research and experiments in academia and biotech industry. Even though I have already mastered a lot of basic molecular biology techniques, I still feel a lack of up-to-date knowledge in biotechnology-related subjects.The impressive curriculum has a choice of courses unlike current rigid Bachelor’s program and it is an excellent motivation for the diligent study. Usually, I had to spend my extracurricular time in online courses to close learning gap. Self-study is an integral part of modern education and lifelong learning but that cannot be compared with hands-on training. There is also a subtle moment that plays a significant role in a progress of any scientist – having an experienced scientific advisor. With guidance from leading scientist, I would learn how to articulate scientific ideas and to conduct research productively by myself in future.Moreover, Skoltech faculty members have strong international collaborations. Being in English-speaking surroundings and practicing academic writing would drastically develop my scientific communication skills. Such environment encourages students to be mobile and take part in international internships and conferences, to become networked, sharing achievements and new scientific goals with ease. This summer I spoke at the European conference and I am going to participate in world communication further. My areas of interest include agrobiotechnology and ever-expanding field of genomics as I see an increasing importance of bioinformatic approaches for Molecular Biology research. Investigating of genomics will help us to unleash the full potential of crop genome for agricultural purposes. Innovative knowledge combined with an entrepreneurial spirit is the most favorable way to satisfy biotechnology companies demands and public needs. As for me, an industrial part of education is an inspirational base for generation beneficial original research ideas and their application.  Lastly, I believe Skoltech campus have a good atmosphere seeing that students organize clubs and study groups. I am sure that student life would be lively and memorable, increasing vigor and energy for the upcoming errands.I familiarized myself with the scientific world before apply to a Master’s degree. I am sure that science is the right area I chose to connect my life with. Therefore, I wish to continue carrying out researches and skills obtained at Skoltech MSc program will enable me to pursue a PhD. I look forward to the challenges and prospects the program can offer ahead of me.

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