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I am confident that my university course, especially my
teaching practices have furthered my passion to be a teacher. I am confident
that that my training and experience has equipped me well for this career and I
am very committed towards making a difference within young individuals lives.

I would like to work in Birmingham as it is close to home and
it is a city that I have grown up in. I would like to do my newly qualified
year here as I think there are many great opportunities for newly qualified
teachers within the city and think it is tailored to support me.

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By choosing to study Primary Education, the course has really
helped me to develop my confidence socially and as a teacher ready to have my
own class. The course has given me many opportunities which have helped my
professional development. I undertook teaching practices in different areas
within and outside Birmingham as well as visit schools for training and
observations. I have also had the opportunity to take part in workshops,
seminars and lectures with external speakers which helped to further my interests
and understanding. This course has also helped me to work collaboratively with

During my teacher training, we have also had modules based on
inclusion within education which included various external speakers coming to
speak to us about the issues in education as well as the benefits and ensuring
all children are treated are equally promoting a safe and stimulating
environment. This has really helped me to think about children’s needs when I
have been on teaching practice and ensuring all children are getting the
support they may need within the classroom environment. During my placements, I
have worked with children who have English as an additional language and have
tried my best to support them by what I have learnt in my training as well as
support from the class teacher and staff; this is a topic I want to further my
interest in. I have also worked with a child who had Autism in which I ensured
I had planned appropriately and informed the Teaching Assistant who was 1:1

During my second and third placement, I looked more into
assessment, each school I have been to have had a different way of assessing
children formatively. It was important that I read the assessment policy and
ensured I followed the marking code correctly. I believe that verbal feedback
is very important as it is in the moment and children can act upon it within
the lesson in which I tried my best to speak to each child during the lesson or
a group of children that I was working with. I was also able to summative
assess children by carrying out half-termly test in mathematics and by building
up to a big write in literacy to assess the children against the Year 2
objectives as well as join in the staff meeting moderating these. I was also
able to discuss pupil progress with my teacher and look at which children need
intervention. I would still like to develop my knowledge within assessment
focusing on self-assessment and peer assessment.

Whilst on teaching practices, I have also looked at the
policies on behaviour and have followed the correct behaviour policy within the
school. Each school has a different way or rewarding and sanctioning children,
in which I could implement this and have built my confidence on within the
three years. I have learnt it is important to ensure rules and routines are put
in place when teaching a new class so they know what your expectations are.
This can help to create a safe and stimulating environment as children are able
to respect one another and know what is right and wrong.

Within the classroom environment, I believe it is important
to think outside of the box and being able to work outside of the classroom or
do lessons in which children are not used to. For example, when teaching
history, I could have chosen to just tell the children about Rosa Parks,
however I found a video which was appropriate and was portrayed in a way in
which all the children were engaged and were able to understand. When teaching
about Queen Victoria, I chose to stick different facts up around the classroom
in which children had to go and choose the most important facts to create a
fact-file. The plenary was then the children being the teachers and teaching
the rest of their peers.

As well as this, I also have a good understanding about
differentiation in the classroom and how pupils on different levels of progress
can be differentiated for. I believe for children to be able to progress, it is
important that they can work at their own pace and be able to move forward when
they are ready. I think when differentiating work, it should be focused on
different learning styles and should be set appropriate to each child. When
planning I try my best to think about individual children and how they learn
and putting myself in their shoes, looking at it from their perspective. For
example, when introducing division in Year 2, I took Bruner’s approach
concrete, pictorial, abstract as I know many children in my class are visual
learners and I believe learning mathematics with being hands on first allows
the children to see why which bring in the mastery approach. For division, I
chose to give children some questions in which they had to use smarties to
share to show division. The children were engaged and could show division by
sharing which showed progress.

I have also become more aware of the wider life and ethos of
schools and being part of the community, joining in with different events,
participating in trips which further pupils learning and being able to
communicate with parents and staff effectively.

I have also been able to understand how assessment is used in
different ways within the classroom as well as understanding the use of
learning objectives and success criteria and how they are important, not just
for the teacher but for the children as it gives them an understanding of what
they are learning and why and it can help them to see where they are at and how
they can move forward which encourages children to take more responsibility for
their learning.

My time in school has allowed me to become a confident
teacher as well as valuing each individual and being part of a community, being
able to take part in many different events and communicating effectively with
parents; being professional. It has also helped me to develop skills in which I
am able to enthuse and engage and motivate children for the future. It has also
allowed me to see that each individual has a different way of learning and I
can try my best to suit their needs.

Within the three years on my course, I have undertaken three
teaching practices, one in Key Stage 1 (Year 2) and two in Key Stage 2 (Year 3,
Year 5). These were schools in deprived areas, two in the inner city. By doing
these practices, it has given me the opportunity to gain a good understanding
of the primary curriculum and observe good practice and apply effective
teaching and learning strategies when teaching.

My degree allowed me to explore the National Curriculum in
detail as well as gaining experience within teaching practices to apply our
training and knowledge. I have also had the opportunity to choose Modern
Foreign Language for my enhancement modules as well as looking at assessment
within a Personalised Learning Module in Mathematics. Looking at languages has
furthered my interest in looking at English as an additional language in
primary schools and how bilingual and multilingual children are supported.

Being a teacher has always been something I have been
interested in from a young age, wanting to make a difference to inspire young
individuals and educate them for their future, as it is important that every
child has the right and privilege to gain one. Being the learner myself as well
as going into school for work experience further interested me into being the
person that individuals can have and guide to make a difference in their lives
and pursue their dreams which made teaching the right choice for me as a
career. Following this I chose to do the three-year BA (Hons) Primary Education
with QTS at Birmingham City University which has furthered my interest and
passion to be the best teacher I can be educating and changing the lives of
young individuals and has prepared me effectively to have the responsibility of
having my own class.

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