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I have used many flower delivery services but i would suggest one name in the business due to an incident i would like to share here.

It was my best friend’s birthday and i was unable to visit her because some riots broke in Pune the same week. To make up for it i thought of sending her something.I tried to order a bouquet and a cake through online delivery services.The order was cancelled by 3 leading sites mentioning that they cant fulfill the order due to riots. I was ready to pay more ,yet they did not entertain.Disheartened by the reply ,i thought of taking another chance and placed the same order on another site. 1 hour later i got a call from their team regarding cancellation of the order.Again i tried to convince them using the same words .They were considerate enough and agreed to fulfill the order on the requested date and time as well(Bonus!!).Next day day made timed delivery .The quality of flower and cake was good as told by my friend.I am so thankful to team Bloomsvila for considering the request under such an odd condition in the city.Hence ,i suggest this site for flower delivery in Pune.

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