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am going to talk about how art distorts, abstracts and blends space and time and
how it relates and links to the statement of inquiry. When I say this I mean
how art can mainly change and mix up someone’s perspective or point of view
about a topic like for example representing an old play in a newer and more
modern version and instead of making critiques of kings, monarchy and poverty,
it could make critiques of problems from today like for ex: excessive phone use
in between youngsters…


can convey a sense of space and time by relating events from the play to events
that are happening in real life be it a political, social or economical
happening. An example would be a critique to terrorist groups that are
constantly planning attacks and slaughtering people from all around the world.
Art can distort space and time because it can make you see things from a
different point of view by adapting and relating it to ongoing events, ideas,
modern thing like for ex: crypto currencies and how they are taking over the
place of cash… I think that in the past in turning points in history, art has
played an important
especially theatre, it gives us a clearer way to look at things, and I think
that this could have influenced some major decisions that were taken at the
time of those turning points and that could have changed the outcome of the
event/s refered in the future. I think that art in general made people
understand what was going on at the time in their country but also give us a
clearer understanding. Artists create alternative perspectives mainly because
during the play all points of view from the characters are delivered to the audience. If
the play is about conflict and it is relating to a war in some country that is
happening at this time, this could probably help the audience see and analyse
why some decisions were made and why. Art blends past present and future by
relating all three of them and showing a point of view that at the time nobody
did have does or will have. In my opinion I think that art can blend past and
present and as a result this creates ideas of what could happen in the future.

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will talk about “Hamilton” and Lin Manuel Miranda because he is one of the
trendiest play writers at this moment. He also relates problems with
immigration and more in his most popular play, “Hamilton”. I also chose him
because I’m constantly listening to rap and that is the way he transmits his
message, for example in “Hamilton”. Lin Manuel Miranda was born in 1980 in New
York city. Miranda developed a deep interest and respect for musical theater
and Rap/hip-hop before going to Wesleyan University. Miranda wrote and was in
the Tony-winning 2008 musical “In the Heights” before making making more broadway plays and
appearing on TV. Motivated by reading Ron Chernow’s biography of Hamilton, Lin
Manuel Miranda eventually made the musical “Hamilton”, a fantastic peace of
work that tells the story of the U.S.A´s founding fathers with a
hip-hop/R musical genre and a black and Latino cast. Nothing really
happened when Miranda wrote “Hamilton”, he wrote it because of the founding
fathers biography that was the inspiration for the making of the musical. He
distorts, abstracts and
blends space and time by making critiques to society in various ways. The main
themes of the play are History/Legacy, war/conflict and running out of time.


History/legacy: The theme of constructing an empire that will last a lot is something that is tiering Hamilton throughout
his life. Through out the war he knows he would pass away at his own will as long as he lost his life for a cause that would have a meaning. The
idea that “history has its eyes on you” haunts most of the characters, which causes Hamilton to put his marriage at
risk with the Reynolds’s Pamphlet so that he most possibly could maintain his empire in his own way of telling the story over that of Jefferson or Burr, who would have stated damaging things of him. Hamilton’s
glory and pride over his legacy is directly contrasted with Washington, who gives up
his power after four years so that he could form a democracy of


War and revolution, both of these make up the characters and plot of Hamilton, because the American revolution gave sr. Hamilton his fameand inspired the play.
Hamilton had faith that war would make him prove
himself, “I wish there was a war, then we could prove we’re worth more than
anyone bargained for”. He has had to fight for everything in his life,
resulting in an attitude where he risks everything to move up in the world, he
has nothing to loose and everything to fight for, something Burr cannot understand
as he feels he has too much to loose to follow Hamilton’s brash example.

Running out of time: “The theme of time
effects each of the characters differently, with Hamilton constantly afraid
that he will run out of it and Burr taking the opposite view, feeling he must
always be careful and take his time in order to succeed. Laurens wished to form
the first all black battalion, however he is killed in battle before he can see
this dream completed. This seems to directly effect the attitude of Hamilton
during the second act, as he says “I have so much work to do” and from then on cannot draw
his mind away from forming his legacy and completing his work, see ‘take a
break’. It is not until the end of the musical that Hamilton realises that the
fact that he would never get his legacy does not mean that he wasted time or
could not form one, “its planting seeds in a garden you never get to see”.”


The hamilton play is being
acted at this time and in America because of issues related to race and
immigration, these are both related to Donald trump being the president of the
U.S.A. I don’t think this play would have the same effect on the crowd in
other countries, I think that problems related to race and Immigration are very
present in the US. This play abstracts, distorts and
blends space and time because it is relating a story from hundreds of years ago
to events that are occurring nowadays.


In conclusion I think that
it is safe to say that art can in fact distort, abstract and blend time and
space in many ways. I say this because Hamilton is not the only source that I
can give examples from which distort abstract and blend space and time.

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