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I acquaint myself as Ms.Murdula Saikeerthana,
completed my under graduation in 2016 in the field of Information Technology
from India. As a part of my Bachelors degree I worked on “IMPLICIT PASSWORD
AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM “, which is immune to the common security attacks
suffered by other authentication scheme, and “DECENTRALIZED ACCESS CONTROL WITH

After my under graduation program, I joined
Krushi Advertising as a web designer. I am responsible for the design, layout
and coding of the website. I came across many security issues like Sql
injection, cross site scripting, insecure direct object references, security
misconfiguration and found that this will be the scenario with every company,
all the data of a company or a website needs to be secured. I realized that
whole world is getting digitalized and data storage and data manipulation is
increasing exponentially each day. After some research on Information security
and cyber professionals, I came across some catastrophic issues like Cyber
attacks, Security breaches and also found that whole world is in lack of
Security professionals. These sowed the seeds in me to become an Information
Security Expert as it is the profession in demand not only in INDIA but across
the globe, which made me choose (Information
Security Management + Network Security and Architecture) at FANSHAWE COLLEGE, LC, Campus.

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Prior to pursing my undergraduate course, my
educational background consisted of ten years of primary schooling and two
years of high school education. I completed my schooling in Hyderabad Scots
High School, which is known for its excellence in imparting quality education. I
have succeeded in maintaining high standard of performance in my academics
right from my early years at school. I secured 79.6% in my Secondary School
Certificate Examination. I joined Narayana junior college for my High
School education. I secured 84.5% in
my Intermediate Public Examination. Right
from the initial stages of my secondary education, I have been encouraged to
question why things happen the way they do, imagine and model the situation
with different inputs and constraints. This helped me to develop a methodical
and rational approach in finding solutions to problems.

My interest to learn different traits of
technology combined by the strong aspiration enabled me to choose my
undergraduate course in Information Technology at Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering
College. Which has given me a comprehensive exposure to a wide spectrum of
courses, namely, web development, Algorithms, Networking, C, C++, Java,
JavaScript, Database, Software Testing and few other. Apart from these with my
own interest I have learnt python and php programming languages. I secured 70% in my course without any backlogs.

I would enjoy and look forward to present
papers and deliver seminars, whenever the occasion arouse. I had participated
in paper presentation in various colleges and won prizes for it.

The nature of undergraduate study does not
offer enough scope for individual expression while rapidly advancing technology
necessitates mastery of particular areas. I look at Post Graduate Program as an
essential tool excelling in my field of interest and platform. When I decided
to pursue my PG in Information Security
Management  + Network Security and Architecture, through my professor I came to
know about Canadian Education System, Canadian Education has always been the
best among the emerging and competing nation across the globe and I’m sure that
I would have the best foundation for gaining higher education there. In order
to improve myself more, I look forward to a career where I cannot only use my
academic background to achieve my goals but also make original contribution to
my field of interest. I’ve heard by people interpretation that the FANSHAWE COLLEGE is an excellent
institution. It would add extra nourishment for my goals and it would be a
great platform for me to develop my skills in the field of Information
Security. I believe that at college I have the privilege of being surrounded by
leading thinkers in my field which includes the Faculty members, guest experts,
and the fellow graduate students. Working in the field of our own interest
would lead us to success. I would, therefore, be very thankful if I am offered
the beneficial association.

My father is sponsoring for my PG program and
I have also paid my first semester fee 7,505.61 CAD to Fanshawe College and he
his willing to pay the rest of the program tuition fee. He also helped me in
setting up GIC account with 10,000 CAD and my parents can support me
financially, whenever I need their support during my studies and stay in
Canada. After completing my PG, it is my dream to become innovator, which shall
serve as a channel for contributing to the society after coming back to my home

In conclusion, I would like to say that if
granted study permit under spp category, I would perform to the best of my
abilities and hope to acquire skills that will help me realize my dreams.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I
sincerely hope that my application will be reviewed favorably and that I would
be granted this great opportunity to study in highly developed country with a
high rated educational system and with people across the world.




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