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I visited
several different websites on this topic and all the sites had good
information. Some were better than others, but I still found them helpful in
some way. In my post for the forum I mentioned talking about my best friend
that was pregnant which helped give me some incite on some of the major issues
with pregnancy, but she also helped me with some of these sites. I turned to
her to ask what she ever looked at while she was pregnant and what sites were helpful
to her with preparing for the baby since I’m not actually getting ready for a

            Most of the sites had good
information and mostly had some of the same information but it was just about
how it looked or how easy it was to read when looking stuff up. Baby center was
a site where I found it the most helpful and set up good. You can even put in
your own info, so it can match with your pregnancy and keep you updated and

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 Some other great
features of the site are even though you may not be pregnant you can still use
it for toddlers or young babies.  Its
even helpful for people that are trying to get pregnant as well. It had a
section for “big kids” as well and something that stood out to me was they had
an area where you can get information if your child has speech problems which
was what I had when I was young, and my parents first struggled with finding an
outlet to get me treatment.

            The other site I was looking at was
called “The Bump” and it was very good too. When I first got onto it, it wasn’t
as appealing compared to the other websites but one thing it had that the
others didn’t was detailed pregnancy information. It has in depth information
about the trimesters and it had a toddler section too. It was lacking
information about older kids or woman trying to get pregnant, so it was a
website for women that are expecting or that have had a child recently.

the bump website they also have a feature where you can use the site through an
app on your phone and it will keep your information updated which is not what
the other sites have. I thought it was very helpful that they have a section
where you can find baby names and help give you ideas for either boys or girls.
My best friend also told me that she used the bump app as well and that she
also found a sight that has games for infants when they are very young. The
Baby Post is also a very good website because it has very good day to day
updated information from mothers to other mothers, its more like a blog style

            I liked all these websites and
thought the information was very helpful but something I think would help the
websites is if they join in on making apps for our phones or iPads, like how
“The Bump” did. Todays world is so technology consumed so it would keep them up
to date and would most likely get more women because most of us all keep our
phones on us all the time so having updates straight to our phones would make
soon to be mothers feel more content. These websites over all are helpful to
all mothers, soon to be mothers or just someone wanting to learn more about
what to expect.


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