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I start the day right with 24oz of hot water with fresh squeezed lemon, a pinch of unrefined sea salt, and a spoonful of coconut oil. This is a new practice I’ve implemented on the recommendation from a friend of mine and my body is loving it! I drink this every morning before I eat or drink anything else, and it starts off my day alkalinized, hydrated, and soothed. Not to mention it’s delicious!
I get outside for a walk every day. I have to admit that I’ve struggled with this one because I feel as if it would be a waste of my time. However, I know how good it is to get out for daily walks for exercise and so I’ve been forcing my hand, even in major downpour. It helps, too, if I need to do something thorughout the day where I need to drive somewhere. Instead of drving such a shorter distance, many times I decide to walk instead. It satisfies my urge to do something productive while also gets me outside in the fresh air moving my body. Remember: getting fresh air is important all the time: gym workouts are great, but they don’t replace the health benefits of getting outside.
I am drinking my protein drink daily. Aside from my morning hot water mix, I need about three protein shakes a day if I want to build muscle and stay in shape. I’m not great at this in the summer when it’s hot, but it is my constant go to whenever I am looking for something to eat. It helps me to build body mass as well, as after going to the gym I am going to need something to help refuel and build my body. Finding three times throughout the day to drink the chocolate protein shake is much harder than it sounds, but I have been working non-stop to make sure that I get my daily protein.
Prioritizing sleep is almost number one on this list to keep healthy, especially now that school is out. Our bodies are naturally tuned to the seasons and earth’s natural biorhythms, even if we spend the majority of our time indoors. It’s totally natural and normal to crave more sleep at this time of year. What’s not normal is to override that urge by forcing ourselves through with more caffeine and willpower. I head to bed early these days and let myself sleep as long as I am able (normally trying to get ten hours of sleep).That might sound excessive, but I bet if you gave yourself permission to do the same, you’d find your body relaxing into deeper, longer sleep. Did you know that your body does its deepest cleaning and healing while you sleep? It’s a critical time for recovery, so I try not to skimp on it.
I play baseball throughout the entire summer. Not only is playng a sport great for exercise, but it is even better when you are playing a sport that is outside as well! I play for the Montini summer league team as well as my travel team. There are some weeks where I am playing baseball every single day. This has been such a great pleasure for me because I truly enjoy just playing baseball, and the fact that it is such a great contributor to my health tops it all!

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