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I am Adhithvikram SR and I’m pursuing Bachelors of engineering in the area of specialisation Automobile at Dr. Mahalingam college of engineering and technology.

I was very fixed in choosing my stream of study in Engineering. From my childhood I am more fascinated about vehicles. I also have the habit of dismantling things and examining them for no reason. As a result of it, during my 9th grade of study, I somehow managed to give life to a dead motorcycle which was unused for many years at my home. That incident made me to realise my hidden talents. To further increase my knowledge in the field of automobile I chosen automobile engineering over other engineering courses.

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Having fixed Engineering as my career, I took science stream in my higher secondary education and scored 85%, which facilitated me to secure a place in one of the most prestigious and well reputed institution in my state.

I strongly believe in the quote, “Everyday do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow”. This kind of approach helped me to achieve all my short-term goals. Having performed consistently in my class, with a CGPA of 8.3, I remained one among the top 5 students in my class. Through FastTrack system I completed all my courses within 7th semester, which was offered only to the students who scored CGPA of above 8. Apart from Academics, to acquire industrial exposure, I have participated in various industrial visits such as Roots industries, Skathi auto components, India pistons, Satish Dhawan Space Centre(ISRO). Visit to ISRO gave a different experience to me. I came to know how inside of a space centre works. All the other places gave me a wide knowledge about the advances manufacturing techniques used inside the industries. During the month of ________ I had an opportunity to work as an intern in one of the India’s leading Agricultural equipment manufacturer___________. There, I developed my skills in welding, Sheetmetal and machining. I also had an opportunity to learn the overall management of that company. That in-plant training gave me the real exposure to the industrial environment.

                In order to develop my skills in engineering, I did various certification courses such as Advanced Hydraulics and Pneumatics -MCET – Bosch Rexroth Regional Centre of Competence in Industrial Automation Technologies (M-BRAIN). There, I had an opportunity to work with several hydraulic equipments, pneumatic drives, logic circuits and sensor Technology. I gained a complete knowledge about automation equipments during my training period. Apart from that I have also completed a course on SMAW, GMAW, GTAW & NDT -MCET at TUV Rheinland centre for Advanced Training. where I gained skills in welding and NDT Technologies. during the course of Six Sigma Green Belt by Western Thomson Limited, I learnt several strategies that are followed in the industry to produce defect-free components. workshops on GD&T and Computational Fluid Dynamics gave me a good knowledge in design and computational engineering. I developed a special interest on design and computational analysis during that workshop, which led me to pursue my project in the field of design and computational analysis. During my undergraduate study I learn to use most of Computer aided design, analysing and simulation softwares.

                My final year project “acoustic characteristics analysis of vehicle’s A-pillar profile using computational aero-acoustics” is all about designing a car body in a modelling software and analysing the noise source that is caused due to aerodynamic flow.I learnt about acoustics with the help of my project .Also, I had an opportunity to work on both computational fluid dynamics(CFD) and computational mechanics.

                It is quite natural that every student desires to have the best and a high quality higher education. With an objective to acquire knowledge in Advanced Automotive Engineering ,I would like to persue Master of Science in Automotive engineering at your esteemed university.

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