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I have chosen to write an editorial in a magazine explaining the psychological impacts advertisements incorporate to sell their products to their prescribed audience. After exploring the topic of advertising techniques in Part 2: Language and Mass Communication I have decided to connect the content of the task to this unit of study.I chose to write an editorial in a magazine because it is a subjective piece of writing that allows me to present my personal views and observations about how advertisements psychologically affect consumer decision making. Editorials are also written by the editor or senior staff at a magazine which encompasses the magazine’s opinion on this particular issue and reveals the views of the majority vote of the editorial board which requires the use of biased language. Editorial writers also build on an issue and strive to influence their audience into thinking a certain way because they aspire to influence public opinion, critical thinking which elicits the audience to take action on the argument. The target audience is educated American women aged 20-30, specifically majoring in psychology. This is because the editorial delves into the psychological aspects of advertisements and it will be published in the American magazine, “glamour.” The magazine I chose to mirror is “glamour” magazine because their articles are opinionated and target women that are “shopaholics” and are therefore most likely influenced by advertisements. The purpose is to express my observations using evidence and refraining from using counter-arguments to manipulate opinions of readers by strongly suggesting the argument in a hyperbolic manner. The structure I used mimics the brief paragraph format of the editorials whilst maintaining a colloquial diction. Incorporating statistics as evidence for my argument will also make my opinion seem more widely accepted.

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