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If you are thinking to renovate your home give a close attention to home decor and look. Whether you believe it or not, floor tiles play a major role in providing look, feel, and the ambiance of a room.Depending on your lifestyle, budget, and surrounding atmosphere will dictate the perfect flooring for you.    When you think to install a new flooring tile or change existing one, picking a new tile is a daunting task. Tiles are available in various type of materials and each type has lot of options to go along with it. Find out importance of Ceramic floor tiles Why Buy Ceramic Flooring TileCeramic tile is a popular option for today’s residential properties. It is durable, effortless to clean and offers a trendy look to rooms. They are available in a plenty of colours and shades, and can match up to any adorning style.Types of Ceramic Flooring TileCeramic Tile includes wall tiles, mosaic tiles, and floor tiles. Any ceramic tile type may be glazed or unglazed, including porcelain tiles and stone tiles.  You can learn about the components that make up your floor in this blog : ( link previous blog) There are some things to consider before buying, though. Choosing the Right Ceramic Flooring TileCeramic flooring tile ranges from 1 inch to 24 inches square. Most of the tiles are 12 inches or 18 inches. Mosaic tiles can cover an entire floor or can be used with larger tiles to add visual interest. For small rooms, you can stick to smaller ceramic flooring tiles, such as 12-inch squares or even smaller. Consider using larger tiles for big rooms. The larger the square, more spacious the room looks! Tip 1:Consider Color:Now you are aware about importance of choosing Ceramic tiles, next step is choose a color of your floor tile. You’ll need to consider your floor tile color that matches your room colour scheme to make a perfect combination. Take a look at a colour wheel to make sure your scheme looks delightful rather than repellent.Tip 2:Consider a design:Two type of floor designs : patterned or plain. Which is your choice? If you choose patterned tiles, then yes it will give a unique trendy decor to your floor and looks beautiful. While Plain tiles are more delighting if you have a choice of decent look. Though patterned tiles are pricey than plain. Choose a tile design that matches your taste, if price is not a factor.Tip 3:LayoutLaying out your floor tile depends on your choice. Whether you have decided a plain or patterned design, each tile has its own characteristics to add visual interest to the room.A patterned tile will need a simple side by side layout for this you may have to stick to simple horizontal or vertical design. For plain tiles you can place on a diagonal rather than on the grid to enhance the ambience of the room.ConclusionThere are lots of things to consider when choosing floor tiles so the best approach is to take your time selecting your tile, and acquire samples to see how they will work in your room, to make a choice you’re satisfied with.

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