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If I did not know who was going to win the Trojan War, I would side with Hector and fought for Troy.  Hector has the traits that are relatable to me such as fighting for his family and his people. Hector led the Trojans in being able to evacuate the Greeks from their shore land. More importantly, Hector shows his human side and discusses how he is afraid to disappoint his wife and continues to show compassion towards his son. Hector gave his son blessings and asked Zeus to grant his to be like him, stating “the first in glory among the Trojans” (340).

Hector attempted to avoid his fate but eventually faces Achilles with all the odds against him. This including the gods being against him and being outnumbered by the enemy. He fought for what he believed in and was not remembered as a quitter. He was the polar opposite of Achilles, who fought for personal reasons, glory, and honor.

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On the other hand, Achilles participated in the war because he was the best warrior the Greeks possessed. If he felt disrespect or underappreciated, Achilles would withdraw from the battle. To re-enter, he would negotiate with the Gods to ensure that the Greeks would lose. As the Trojan War lasted for ten years, he did not fight Hector. When Patroclus was killed, Achilles destined to make it to the gates of Troy and slaughtering everyone in his pathway. His action was based on personal motivation and being emotionally hurt.

Therefore, I would have sided with Hector due to his devotion and believing that his heart was in the right place. He was a warrior that was motivated from serving his people and not himself. Although he had more morals than Achilles, he still had some flaws. Some people may argue that Hector’s honor was questionable because he fled the grates of Troy because of fear (347). However, he faced Achilles and made the decision to fight and die honorable (Puchner, 147). 

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