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If I’m going to be completely honest I haven’t always been 100% in Christianity. When I was little I had no doubt but as I got older it kind of just faded. I always knew that there is a God and that Jesus is real. That hasn’t changed and I don’t think it ever will. I’ve had an experience when I was home alone for a couple days while my dad was on his honeymoon a couple months ago. I never liked being alone at night in the house and I was afraid. I was cooking dinner and the song “No Longer Slaves” came into my head. The lyrics “I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God” got in my head and that moment was the first time I had ever felt that God had spoken to me. It was an interesting couple of days because that song stayed with me. It gave me assurance that he’s there. I always knew he was there but i had never had anything personal happen with God. When I look around at the world I can’t help but believe that there was an intelligent designer. Everything around us is so complex and wonderfully made that for me, there is no doubt that God made it.There is plenty of scientific evidence for Christianity and the bible being true. The complexity of the world and everything that goes into to make it the way it is, is very significant. This points to an intelligent designer which the Bible talks about. God created the heavens and the earth and everything within it. Our DNA, for example, makes up who we are and what we look like. If one thing was missing from it the whole process will be messed up and we wouldn’t even be humans. For someone to say that DNA evolved to form what it is today is an absurd statement. Everything in it needs to be in its place or it can’t function so those pieces couldn’t have evolved to form together. Another scientific evidence that God is real and the creator of all is something can’t come from nothing. It has been proven through science that things don’t just appear spontaneously. If in evolution things died and evolved to be better for their environment then how do we have anything at all today. For example, a giraffe has valves in its neck to keep the blood from rushing to his head and exploding when he bends over to drink. If that giraffe didn’t have those valves it would have died. No giraffes could have ever even been alive. If the giraffe was dead then how did it evolve to get those valves. It doesn’t make any sense that something could evolve from something that’s already dead. The Bible is very historically accurate in the dates and times everything happened. The Bible has been checked and checked again by many different documents. They’ve checked it against ancient literature, and government records. They also fact check the geography and archaeological technology and analysis of objects like pottery, coins etc. and have found with all those components it is very accurate with time. It is the most accurate religious text there is. There used to be all sorts of denial about a lot of the tribes in the Bible but have since been shut down due to archaeological finds. Two archaeologists who are not christians have even said that it is one of the most accurate history sources there is. The evidence that christianity is real is pretty clear to me.2.) – Are you absolutely sure there is no God? How can you be 100% sure?(Maybe response: There is no scientific evidence for god. You can’t use the five senses to prove he’s there)How did the universe come about? How did it come from nothing?(Maybe response: There was some sort of singular substance)Is there anything wrong for sure?(Maybe response: Of course)(My response: Then how do we know unless there is a moral law)Wouldn’t you say that intelligent designs require an intelligent designer?(Maybe response: No, not necessarily. All around us is intelligent but there is no intelligent designer.)(My response: But if its intelligent how did it happen so perfectly.)Part 2: NotesKen Ham opening:Science has been hijacked by secularists to teach evolution and force it upon the children .Historical and observation science are two different thingsIt’s hard for atheists to accept death but through God we have something.Creation is the only viable model of historical science confirmed by observational science in today’s modern scientific era.Bill Nye opening:There is no distinction made between historical science and observable science.Billions of people (of different religions) do not embrace that the earth is 6000 years old and that is concerning to him.Ken Ham’s creation model is not viable.Ken Ham:Creationists CAN be real scientists.Raymond Damadian invented the MRI scanner and is young earth creationist.Stuart Burgess (scientist) says that in his field many of his colleagues are sympathetic towards the creationist ideas but are afraid to speak out because the criticism they will get.How do atheists account for the laws of logic and nature?We can’t observe the past. We observe the present first and then try and unravel the past.Creationists and evolutionists can agree on how certain technologies work but interpret the data differently.All scientists have the same experimental or observational science.Creationists and evolutionists have the same evidence. A battle over how to interpret it, still same evidence.Everything follows after its kindThe word evolution has been hijacked by secularists for observable changes and unobservable changes. Public school textbooks are rejecting observational science and imposing a naturalistic religion on students.There is only one race. We come from Adam and Eve.The terms science and evolution are being used to impose an anti God religion on generations of students.You can see that the earth isn’t flat but you cant see the age of the earth. Observational science vs historical science.Secular scientists don’t want to admit that their origin of the earth has belief.Secularists say that if you teach creation in schools you are imposing your beliefs but they are imposing their belief on students that evolution is true.We are special and made in the image of God.Bill Nye:How is it possible that all the ice over the creationist years has formed?There are old trees that are 6800 years old. A famous tree called Old Tjikko that is 9550 years old. So how is the earth 6000 years old.How did all these plants survive if the earth was underwater for almost a year?Takes a long time for sediment to settle into rock.Wouldn’t there be grand canyons everywhere because all the water drained so fast.If the flood happened 4000 years ago and the 7000 kinds of everything were on the boat, (doing the math) there would be 11 new species being formed everyday.The wyoming ship built about the same size as the ark had a problem it would leak all the time. These men that built this boat were the best of the best and they couldn’t build this wooden boat.Is it reasonable that Noah and his family built it even though they are unskilled.Is it reasonable that noah and his family were able to take care of 14000 animals and feed them aboard a ship.The animals need room to be able to live properly.They found a “missing link” fossil. Tiktaalik.He talks about evolutionists predicting certain things.”This is something that we in science want, we want the ability to predict”.Since the stars are all slowly moving apart there was a moment when they were all together. The big bangThey discovered a sound that the universe creates. Scientists predicted this sound before they heard it and said that there would be left over energy from the big bang. It matched exactly the astronomers predictions when they had previously done the math. How can there be billions of stars more distant than 6000 years when the world is only 6000 years old.Kens Ham’s creation model viable? No, absolutely not.Part 3:1.) Watching the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham was very interesting. I learned a lot about how to defend certain areas of Christianity that I didn’t know before. A couple of ideas stood out most to me during the debate was when Bill Nye was talking. He had asked how all the plants had survived for that long amount of time underwater during the flood. I started to agree and now thats a question I want to do more research on. Another idea that stood out was when he was talking about the Ark and how there were 7000 kinds of things on the boat and that if it happened 4000 years ago, if you do the math it would mean that there are 11 new species everyday developing. I had never really thought about that before and it was interesting to hear him bring up that point. I guess I was challenged a little bit in my faith. As I said before those two points really stuck to me. Now i have questions about those situations and want to know if anyone has a good answer for them. The flood had always been a good point for proof for me for christianity and now I see he brought up good points. I still believed that the flood happened and everything the way it says in the Bible I just would like to see some answers for those questions. I definitely need to work on defending my faith. I’ve had a discussion before with an atheist and it was a little bit of an uncomfortable conversation and I did lack in some facts and ways to defend myself but it went okay. I’ve never been strong in that and I really would like to learn more so that if a situation does come up again I’m prepared. I want to know what im talking about and really be able to have a good conversation with a non-believer.

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