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If we are going to buy a smartphone, a best smartphone that we can have, it’s quite tough to choose between an iPhone and Android phone. Both give prominent features but different because of branding name and price.

In a couple of years, the smartphone segment is revolutionizing in terms of technology and design. There is always neck-to-neck battle between iPhone and Android to lead global market in terms of ascendancy, users or share.

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Both use different operating systems, iOS and Android, with respect to user compatibility, resulting in higher sales of smartphones.

As in depth, certain differences are found which are going to help out to choose the best smartphone in accordance with the requirements.

Google, an Android operating system, is a modified version of Linux and other open source platforms. It was initially developed by Android Inc., which Google bought in 2005, and was unveiled in 2007. Whereas iOS was developed by Apple Inc., originally unveiled in 2007. Currently, Android directs the market (87% Android-based devices) whereas Apple comes at second, with 12% iOS-based devices.

For a detailed comparison, one of the differentiating factors is hardware. As the operating system is software that works together with hardware to provide common services. Apple is the only manufacturer of iPhones whereas Google shares Android to many other phone-making firms, which include Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei and many more. That is the reason why the Android-based phones are available in different sizes, weight, and quality. In low-priced phones, the quality of the hardware is not good as compare to Apple’s iPhone and high-end phones. This makes the decision to choose the smartphone much clearer.

The availability of other devices like smartwatch, tablets, PCs continues the integration operating systems. Apple manufactures PCs, laptops (MacBook), iPhones and wearables and offers Continuity features like the person can unlock Macbook from his smartwatch. Google offers various features like Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Drive and many more. The features discontinued as the tablets, smartwatches, PCs, and laptops are not manufactured by the same company. Some companies like Samsung manufacture tablets, smartwatches, and laptops to offer Continuity features to their users.

This information will help to choose the smartphone that a person wants to buy. 

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