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Imagine living in a country where your government kills and massacres people for speaking their minds. This has happened repeatedly throughout Latin America history. Millions of people have died over saying what they feel and disagreeing with the majority. The U.S. was involved or aware of these killings before they happened. The United States intervened and support the death of innocent people who simply wanted to help their poor people, even though the United States supposedly “supports” the 1st amendment of the constitution, the U.S. government is taking the freedom of speech from innocent people. The U.S. needs to leave Latin America alone to do what it wants by itself because the U.S. has never truly done anything good for Latin American. People could say that the “Alliance For Progress” but one good thing the U.S. tried to do does not balance all their bad. The U.S. started the Mexican – American War, were involved in many assassinations of politicians like Salvador Allende, supporting the massacres of hundreds of thousands innocent people in almost every country in Latin America. The “El Mozote Massacre” happened on December 11, 1981. In 1981 multiple left wing guerrilla groups created the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front to fight El Salvador’s right wing government. Left wing meaning the liberal, socialist, or radical side of the political system and right wing meaning the more conservative side of the political system. On December 10, 1981 El Salvador’s Atlacatl Battalion arrived in the village of El Mozote. This raid was known as “Operation Rescue” was to eliminate the rebels living in El Mozote and two FMLN training camps and a training center. The Atlacatl was the first counter – insurgent military in El Salvador, which was trained by United States military advisors. When the army arrived at the village they found residents of the village and pheasants living in the surrounding area. The army then ordered everyone in the village to lie face down in the square, searched and began asking questions about the guerrillas whereabouts. The next morning, December 11, 1981, the men and women were separated into groups. The men were interrogated, tortured and executed, around noon that same day, the women from the village were raped, lined up and shot, girls as young as 10 were raped. After being raped the children’s throat were cut or they were hung from trees. After killing everyone in the village the soldiers set the village on fire. The soldiers then went on to other surrounding villages repeating what they started in El Mozote. Word of the El Mozote Massacre did not reach the world till January 27, 1982 by Raymond Bonner of the New York Times. Having visited the village of El Mozote Raymond describes seeing, “the charred skulls

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