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of setting goals for successful job search.

Goal setting
plays an important role for the success of every individual’s career. Goal
setting helps you to know the direction your life will go and future
opportunities. Goal setting helps peoples to find their interesting jobs. Goal
setting creates career path that shows direction to obtain desired result in

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SMART goals
are to be set to achieve success in finding relevant job.

Your goals should be specific. Goals should be exact and easily understandable.
Both short term and long-term goals are important for success and you should
know weather they are short term goals or long-term goals. You should know your
goals in detail so, that you can achieve them easily and this will help you to
find your job.

Measurement of goals is important to know your progress and standings in the
route map to achieve success in life. To use numbers and keeping record of data
helps to measure the performance and judge progress of every individuals. Good
performance helps individuals to find better job opportunities.

It is very necessary to set possible goals to achieve success. Impossible goals
are not attainable and results into failure. Achievable goals motivate an
individual that increases the confidence and performance. To find jobs
achievable goals plays a crucial role,

Availability of resources, proper knowledge, skills and time are important to
achieve goals. support and tools are also required to search ideal job in

Stamped- It is very important to complete the task before
deadline. Time is valuable resource, so a tentative plan should be there to
achieve goals on time. Proper time table should be prepared while keeping end
date in mind. Sufficient time should be allotted to find a job in the market.



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