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In contrast, most of
the time there are a small number of people who wants to continue to offer
their time voluntarily (Epstein, 2001). One of the many difficulties to
volunteer projects is to enroll a wide assortment of individuals with the goal
that all families know they are esteemed as volunteers (Epstein et al., 2009).
Schools should provide volunteers with appropriate training and enable them to serve
the school and the students successfully and effectively (Epstein, 2001). Creating a flexible schedules to provide training and allowing
volunteers to assist the school programs and the educational experience need to
come to the considerations of the school because the time is an issue n many
families (Epstein et al., 2009).

There are various ways to encourage families
to volunteer and participate in the education program. Family members can plan
and attend school events, chaperone field trips, attend fundraising activities,
or work in parent-teacher organizations (Rous et al., 2003; Carlisle, et al.,
2005). Parents can likewise offer help for schools through giving their time and
resources. Resources may also include donating toys, supplies to use in art
projects, furniture and more (Cochran, 2007). In conclusion, families can volunteer to
help in classroom activities or come in and share their expertise and interests
volunteer speaker (Carlisle et al. 2005; Delgado-Gaitan, 2004).

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The spontaneous
activity of many parents has been seen as a valuable contribution to children’s
educational progress and attempts to enhance the involvement of all parents are
now widespread. Volunteering is the third type of involvement and characterized
as recruiting and organizing people to assist and support the school and the
students (Epstein, 2001). Research has found a strong, positive relationship
between parents’ volunteering and attending program activities and
preschooler’s language, self- improvement, social, adaptive
development, and mastery of early basic school skills where the findings were
especially stronger for boys than girls (Marcon, 1999). Mantizcopoulos (2003)
found that parent’s participation at school events essentially anticipated whether the child
was elevated from kindergarten to
first grade.

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