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In a article by Worland J. (2015) entitled Here’s How Many Trees Humans Cut down Each it states that people cut down 15 Billion trees each Year. According to Zuno X. (2015) before the production paper trees must cut down first, then it will break into tiny pieces, second the fibers will suspend in water to be bleached, where bleaching is to make the paper whiten then the pulp will be beaten to unravels the fibers a little. This is to makes them stick together where they are beaten in two very close metal disks where the disks grind the fibers up. Fourth process is mixing the wood pulp with water they called it Slurry. Fifth is pouring the slurry onto a screen forming a mat. When the water drained away, the sixth process is drying. After drying they will expose it to heat, chemical and pressure to make oatmeal-like pulp. In Winconsin Paper Council (2018) paper production start from barking the logs, when the bark is removed, it will put in a chipping machine to cut it into tiny pieces. The tiny pieces will pressure-cooked with a mixture of H2O and chemicals in a digester. The pulp will be washed, refined, clean and they say sometimes bleached, then they turned to slush in a beater. There are color dyes, coating and other additives mixed in, and the pulp slush is pumped onto a moving wire screen. While the pulp continue moving in moving wire screen, water drained and they recycling it. It will result in a Paper Sheet or Web then they will squeeze it through large rollers to remove the extra water and ensure smoothness and uniform thickness. The waste water will refine before its release or reuse. The fiber particles and chemicals produced will be filtered out the burned to provide additional power for the machines. The Finished Papers will roll into large rolls which can be 30 feet wide and weigh close to 25 tons. Then it will distribute in the Paper Bag Makers. According to Garrett Tinus (nd) the finished paper bags transported across the world. These bags are sold to people and used us a form of carrying foods to covering our textbooks. Paper Bags are used in our everyday life when they throw away they can stay in the landfill up to 25 years. Moreover, Paper Bags are reusable it can reuse us paper bag again. (Zuno X., 2015)

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