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In the first chapter of the third book, Grotius titles it “what is lawful in war”.  This is where Grotius really gets into the laws that surround what needs to be established during war for all nations. Grotius wanted to establish that stealing would not be a part of the lawful conduct during war. He felt it wasnt lawful then it wouldn’t be lawful.Grotius said “what is conformable to right taken in its strictest sense is not always lawful in a moral point of view. For there are many instances, in which the law of charity will not allow us to insist upon our right with the utmost rigour”(Grotius  252). When writing the laws, Grotius knew that there was something missing, so he started looking at his laws through a moral state. This is where he began his contribution to the world of natural law. Some scholars actually say that Grotius’ contributions do not get enough recognition. “History does not seem to have given Hugo de Groot a fair chance”(Eyffinger, 370). Grotius’ ability to pull together two types of thinking, religious and modern, to form and support two ideas that shaped western thinking into what it is now. It’s critical to see that Grotius was a major factor in the creation of natural law. Many scholars did not see the impact that religion had on war. They saw that even through the destruction of the land and the crying of the bloodied men, God’s hand was always there. Grotius believed that human reason was a gift from God, and that it was designed by God to give humans the ability to communicate with him and see his creation through a different perspective. (Vetterli and Bryner 370)The morality aspect of grotius’ thinking helped shape what natural law stands for. Grotius was a secularist who denied any considerations of theology in political philosophy. Grotius wanted a new method of thinking. He buried his thought of natural law by taking religion and theology away from natural law and put it with reason of man. He also thought that this law would be useless until man actually saw and believes and practices into human laws. With this then only would human law be to which we could conform with ourselves and our beliefs. Grotius’ idea of God helped part of his theory. He believed how God had control of human affairs and actions but his laws and commandments are still in place and unshaken. Grotius believed that the Law of Nature, from the beginning was already set place in every person’s life and with that God wants us to try and discover this gift that he has placed in front of man (Vetterli and Bryner 372). The importance of understanding any concept of Grotius’ natural law all is how each person views God. 

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