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In 1954, William Golding wrote a realistic fiction book titled Lord of the Flies. It went over the story of a bunch of boys that are stranded on an island and try to govern themselves. Everything starts out alright, but the boys make some mistakes, start to slack off, and eventually split into two groups, one of which doesn’t care much about order and rules and just wants to hunt and have fun. Through it, three boys die (although we don’t have proof about one, he just goes missing during a fire), the hunter group begins to go savage and try to hunt down a fourth boy, and, on average, the boys are mean to each other and only try to do what they think would be best for them. William Golding is known for having written this book as a symbol for World War II, and as a way to express his belief that all people are, at heart, savage. Some people may naturally be this way, but lots of evidence refutes it, and Golding’s book itself has examples that would contracdict it, even if Golding was meaning that the majority of everyone’s nature, rather than the entire thing, was savage. A good point to make is that it just doesn’t make sense for humans to be naturally wild. There would be no reason that an animal would have to be mean, so a  species would never develope a naturally mean nature. The only reason an animal would got to the trouble to hurt something would be to gain some sort of benefit, such as to get food or protect itself. Beyond that, any individuals in a species that were naturally mean would not be as likely as the other individuals to have children, so their nature would not be as likely to pass on to future generations. More likely, the people in the world that are naturally mean are like that because of personal experiences that they have had. Even if there were plenty of opportunities for an animal to be mean and it could derive some sort of pleasure from it, it wastes time and energy, so natural wildness would eventually fade away. Overall, it’s just not logical for negative traits to develope in any sort of species. Secondly, we know that humans aren’t naturally uncivilized becuase

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