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In the article written by Lucia Allais, “Integrities: The Salvage of Abu Simbel,” addresses the radical changes occurring in the preservation technique. The subject of the competition was the temple of Abu Simbel, which was moved from its existing site. Lucia asks what role technology played in heritage expansion in the 1960s and by this, she means changing conceptions of history, which must be thought in relations to changing conceptions of technology and technological development. In Steven J Garfinkle’s reading, “The Organization of Knowledge in Early Mesopotamia,” he examines the production and storage of the clay tablets in the Ur III period and investigates the relationship between the ownership of these documents and the socioeconomic power. Garfinkle believes we need to adopt an archival approach in the absences of archives, by creating a third category of assemblages, “the imagined archive.” Lucia Allais’ article is seen as a secondary source because it discusses topics of preservation in the present time. However, Garfinkle’s reading contains both primary and secondary sources because it contains actual translations from the tablets written in the time period it belongs to. The main theme these two readings connect on is the topic of preserving artifacts. Both Lucia and Garfinkle analyze new ways, using technology, in the preservation of great artifacts. Lucia discusses ideas brought up during the preservation, such as creating a dam and the “cutting” scheme. However, this still brings up the question brought up in the lecture of how they were able to move these large stones, and how accurately they can put them together without damaging the artifact. Garfinkle brings up that these damages tables labeled, NATN 166, should be studied all together, but it would be hazardous to contain all the tablets in the same location. So, he proposes the idea of creating a virtual collection of all the tablets, in order to form a coherent of Ur-saga’s activities and the role played by the merchants at Girsu. These articles showed me the importance of the preservation of these historical artifacts, as it contains significant information about the past lifestyles, which we can learn from.

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