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In December 2008, ‘Vision 2021’ was
introduced in Bangladesh via its political manifesto that is widely recognized
as ‘Digital Bangladesh’. Although my exposure to the world of tech and
computers were limited, my eagerness to know more about machines and computers
only increased. When I was about 14 years old, I struggled quite a bit with
middle school mathematics. My cousin, who was then studying Computer Science in
university, had told me that a computer solves everything using only two digits
(0, 1). Unable to comprehend how anyone, let alone a machine is able to solve
problems with only two numbers, I began my amateur investigation to get to the
bottom of this dilemma. Over the years, my investigation led me to find my
purpose as an individual. Today, my goal is to transform my amateur curiosity
into innovative research in the field of computer science in an academic milieu and become a notable computer scientist, coherence in the binary
numeral system.  

In every single minute people are
dying because of unable to identify the life threatening disease CANCER at the right time. However, we can cut
this down by identifying the disease at the primary stage by using modern technologies,
especially Machine Learning
and Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, my interest has been intersected with
this field. I am already working on a deep learning network by using CAFFE
which is a popular framework of Big Data to identify patterns through MRI, X-Ray by using Image processing (Gaussian Markova Model). Although many algorithms are already introduced, but their
error rate is so
high. So in the future, my major goal is to develop more sophisticated and
error free algorithms.

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Academics has always been my stronghold. My inquisitive nature
and a strong desire to ingrain the fundamental principles as well as techniques
of any subject of study has enabled me to
achieve an excellent academic record. Furthermore, it has provided me an extra
confident to solve many rigorous problems and analytic approach to the solution.
Courses like Data Structure, Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence and Expert
System, Distributed Database System, Bioinformatics, Wireless Network, Parallel
and Distributed Processing at AIUB has given me a sound and a broad conceptual
basis, which, I believe, is essential for a research career.

In my undergraduate
thesis, I focused on finding an optimum solution in the largest datasets and
use comparatively lesser time and resources. I always believe you
can have data without information, but cannot have information without data. We
tried to formulate a new algorithm which is fast, accurate, optimizing (memory
consumption) and effective. For the implementation, we have used several
tools including (Html Agility Pack, Data Web Client-, Regular Expression, Word
Counter Function and Threading-). I have also done a group project (with our
individual funding) on AI and Vision course and built a robot which can dig and
pick-up any objects using its inbuilt camera around 1.5-meter range.

In addition, I have also learned various aspects of
Object Oriented Programming and Android Application Development during my
internship at ‘Beyond Innovations &
Technologies Limited’ and honed my skill as an Android Apps
Developer after joining ‘NeuroItech’.
Immediately after my joining, I was able to draw attention of the authority by
my enthusiasm, ability to work hard and efficiently problem solving skill. During
my professional career, I have experienced much about real world problems and
the problem solving techniques. Not all of those were pieces of cake and
sometimes I had to forget my family, my personal life for the sake of meeting
the deadline, accomplishing the desired work in time. Sometimes there were
tensed moments, but I never lose faith on myself, never got feared to take
responsibilities. I strongly believe that this real world experience will help
me greatly in my graduate study as I have proven ability to take the pressure
and meet the deadline.

Apart from all the academic affairs, I have a life
full of diverse activities. I was a member of the AIUB executive computer club
and volunteer of the AIUB CS Fest at 2011 and 2012. I always believe in myself
according to ‘John Holmes’ quote that “There is no exercise better for the
heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” That’s why I and some of my
close friends created a charity club entitled ‘Hands for People’ and helping
underprivileged people. Besides, I had played inter varsity badminton
tournament and also a former member of the Notre Dame debating club. I was also
evolved as a private tutor in High School Level Mathematics, Physics.

Going for a PhD option is always challenging, since it
takes a whole new level of effort and enthusiasm. I have been looking for a
good school that provides a very good facility for working on Cognitive
science. I strongly believe that, studying overseas in the US will give me an
opportunity not only to comprise with the latest technologies to ameliorate my
professional skills but also a broader international perspective. At this
juncture of my career, I strongly believe that graduate study at the Louisiana
State University in Computer Science would be perfect to groom my technical and
analytical proficiency to redesign my career. Professor Aspen Olmsted invited
me for a Skype meeting and there I briefed him on my current research work and
came to know more about his ongoing projects. He showed his interest in taking
me in his research group upon my admission into the PhD program. Therefore, I’m
applying to join your PhD in Computer Science program, commencing in the fall
of 2018 I am very much looking forward to it.

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United
States of America once said, “Believe you can and you are halfway there”. I
know it is very competitive to get admitted into the PhD program at Louisiana
State University. I believe that applicants with better profiles are applying
here. But I also believe in what I can do and how much difference I can make
through my potential and skill. 

To me, winners are not people who never fail, but people
who never quit. I may not win every time, but with strong aspirations inside I
simply never quit.

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