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In 2010, when Obama took office
there were two major issues involving America’s healthcare system. The first
issue was the millions of Americans were left without health insurance because of
the gap left between public and private healthcare. Many Americans had been left
without healthcare due to previous medical history. The second issue was over
the past two decades the cost of health care has skyrocketed through the roof. Due
to these issues, approximately forty-seven million Americans were uninsured when
President Obama was elected.

Obama and his team used two
relevant frames to discuss reforming the health care policy. The two frames
used are the market based, or “consumer-based” frame by Chapman (1994) and the
rights, or “human rights” frame by Rudiger (2008). These two frames visualized
to contrasting sides of the health care policy philosophy.  After careful planning the Affordable Care Act
(“Obamacare”) was passed on March 23, 2010. In 20212, two-hundred million
Americans had private health care insurance funded by employers. The two frames
which once opposed each other were now paired together through literature to
provide affordable health care to all Americans.

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In President Obama’s June 2, 2009
letter, he highlighted how the continuous increasing cost of Medicare and
Medicaid would play a major part in driving the enormous budget deficiencies
and continuously threaten the economic future of America. Again, in his
September 9, 2009 speech he quotes, “Our health care problem is our deficit
problem. Nothing else even comes close. Nothing else” (APP 2009c: para. 10).

President Obama used the arguments
provided to him of cost factors and asserted the necessity of reform. President
Obama’s staff linked the cost arguments to deficit problems and public
expenditures. Soon many stakeholders resonated with the interest of the
Affordable Act Care staff. The problem was not the health care, rather the cost
it took to provide affordable health care to everyone. When joining the
problems of the US budget and financial and economic crisis with the problem of
health care reforms, concerns raised with many US citizens which were documented
by public polling.  

President Clinton concluded that the
failure of his health care reform process failed because he neglected to inform
the public. He stated, “I have to get more involved in crafting my messages –
in getting across my core concerns” (Dew 1996: 66). Many times, presidents
failed to make a change because people were too busy focused on what the
president said and not the impact of the ideas towards the public. President
Obama first used the two frames mentioned above support reform proposal and
convince Congress to pass it. After Congress passed the proposal, Obama’s next
mission was to publicly inform citizens of America and the major stakeholders
to recognize the current health care administration was becoming a problem to
not only the citizens but also the government through the financial crisis. 

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