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In the last ve years, research in the eld of social robots has greatly developed andcan be seen as an established interdisciplinary undertaking. Many computer sciencelaboratories at various universities investigate this phenomenon of socially behavingrobots 4 Up to now, several de nitions of social robots with di erent statements aboutthe features and functionality were presented. Even though the social robots are kind ofnewer concern in the eld of robotics the idea of robots as arti cial beings is hundredsof years old: The original meaning of automaton implies autonomous beings having theability to move on their own 5 Initially social robots were inspired by biology. They werebasically used to study swarms or the behavior of insects 6. However, later approachestreat the interaction between humans and robots in such a way that robots to showcasesocial behaviors and companion characteristics towards human. When comparing withthe high level robots like service robots, social robots were explicitly developed for theinteraction of humans and robots to support a humanlike interaction. 4There are di erent de nitions for a social robot. A social robot is a special kind ofembodied interaction device which can make new kinds of interactions with people andengage new roles in society. 7 The social robots can be socially situated in a socialBackground Literature Review 8context and they have the ability to distinguish between human, other social agents anddi erent objects. They can also be sociable and socially intelligent by engaging withhumans in order to satisfy their personal needs and show human-like social intelligence8. Social robots are not necessary to be like human beings but they need to do theirtasks well and incorporate human culture and provide enjoyable interaction experience7. The most important thing is, a social robot should perform its tasks in a waythat does not distress or disturb the humans it encounters. The interactions shouldbe comfortable and acceptable to the human. 9 That can be considered as the mainreason for the emergence and the development of the eld Robot Companions which isa sub category of social robots. Below the concept of robot companion

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