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In addition to Angela Duckworth, our natural skills and mental ability are just fundamental parts of our approach to success(Duckworth, 2013). In spite of the fact that, our IQ are not one of the most compelling motive for why we succeed, as demonstrated by Duckworth, a man’s accomplishment in achieving is exceedingly measured by ‘Grit’ than it is measured by their natural skills or IQ(Duckworth, 2013). Her examination determines that a bigger piece of the general individuals who succeed weren’t generally the ones with the most amazing IQ or had extraordinary blessings; however rather the people who have put their devotion and energy into their work over a period of time in order to achieve those goals(Duckworth, 2013). In relation to Duckworth(2013), goal setting is the objective that demonstrates and provide guidance to an individual about what should be done and how much attempts are required to be placed in(Locke, 1960). In addition to (Locke,1960), if we put time in improving and set goals it will help lead us to a more prominent output and achieving greater performance in anything that we do. It is also very important that we set clear, specific, and goals that you know you are able to achieve because if we set unrealistic goals we would be wasting our time on something that we may never accomplish as it too out of reach. Arranging my goals is one stage towards the improvement of my grades. To accomplish a goal, I must plan on the most proficient method to get this goal going. It is crucial that I prioritise what subject is more important and what subject I am the weakest at as it is the easiest and clearest way that I am setting sensible objectives and in addition making a long term affect in the future. In addition to Headspace(The Science Behind Meditation, 2010) suggests that meditation helps reduce your level of stress, helps you sleep better, relationships, anxiety and concentration. It also deepens our connections with others and the environment around us(Headspace, 2010). That being said,   in order for us to experience these benefits we must train ourselves to meditate frequently and it will help me reach my goals and having the right mindset to achieve them without stressing too much over the fact that I am not doing well in a particular subject. In conclusion, the core essential of our motivation is our eagerness to work towards the accomplishment of our goals and to better our health mentally, physically, and academically.

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