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In-game name: ? CloudsPvPAge: ? 15, Turning 16 on the upcoming May 20th.Timezone:? United Kingdom “Scotland” GMT+0Have you joined our discord (If no, please join it now):? I have joined it. About a week before release of the server.Can you record and do you have a mic? ? Yeah. How long have you actively been on ScarletMC?:? Server released today. I’m online since the release it’s 20:00 right now.How many hours are you able to play per day?: ? Weekdays it will be around 3 to 5 hours, this is because of school.? Weekends it will be around 6 to 12 hours.? Of course i will take breaks and won’t be non stop playing.Do you have any previous staff experience?: (Explain in detail) ? I’m currently working on a PvP server, i’m just working on it to get back into the configuring tasks etc, i’m not planning to release it for a while nor i don’t know if i ever will, i’m willing to show the owner or anyone to do with staff what i have done so far with building ect. ? I used to own a PvP server back 5 months ago or so, it was a really successful server i had many donations and staff also a decent player base i would say, at least for me doing all the work on the server was a pretty good job done, the current PvP server i’m making is just a better version of my old server.? I’m currently staff on a server called X***** I’m Trail-Helper just now and have been for just about 20 days. They have not had a problem with me whatsoever. They are thinking of promoting me because they know i’m a good part of the staff team, when they have a problem for example with like world guard regions i can help out easily, i’m really experienced in that kind of stuff like i said about i have owned a server previously, i’m always up for help for them. ? I was Head-Admin on a server called V***** or V********* i can’t really remember the name it was so long ago since it closed. I met that server Owner on a Tekkit Classic server, basically i made friends with him (Still am) this was around 3 years ago to be honest. We added each other on Skype he told me he had a server and now i can’t really remember that version of the game it was possibly 1.7 or less. I joined his server and he gave me Admin out of no where that’s where i basically started being Staff on servers. From that day i was staff on many Tekkit Classic servers and Normal Minecraft. I’m sorry for not be able to list every single name of the servers.? I was Owner on my friends server a friend i know in real life. He basically had a same server as me PvP but in his own style, at one point we shared the donations and shared servers because i had my PvP server at the same point as him.? There was many more server i can’t really say names i forgot months have passed.Why do you want to become a staff member? : (Be descriptive) ? I want to become part of the staff team because, i am able to play multiple hours per day. I think you might need a person like me because i will be able to moderate the server all the time and keep it clean from all the bad part of the community, hackers, spammers, you name it. Talking about hackers i will be able to call out if someone is hacking “by call out i’m meaning ill be able to spot one very easily basically” reason to me knowing how hacks look like is because i have played this game for multiple years i’m going to say good 7 years on a PREMIUMaccount of the game, then there is possibly 1 to 2 years on the cracked version that my friend helped me install “Friend in real life as stated above” Okay, i’m going to be honest here i have hacked on minecraft for good 3 years or more or “atleast” more than 5 times every year since i started playing minecraft, maybe not hacked first 1 to 2 years when i first got the game but yeah. I have not used any “Hacked Clients” this year (2018) but yeah i know how multiple hacks work like kill-aura i know there is a fov option and many more options and i can spot reach easily. If someone is getting atleast a good 3.7 (Can’t say exactly) – 5 Block hits its easy reach hack spotted. I want to become staff because i might have more experience than other staff on here i’m talking in general configurations of plugins i love doing configs you can make plugins more smother and better. For example when you install a fresh Bukkit / Spigot essentials then you go into the .config in the server files, you are able to do so much so the best thing about the config is fixing the ugly default prefix ingame. Some new servers have that still on for example < Owner CloudsPvP > It’s so bad i hate servers with that i just instantly leave or atleast tell the Developer or Owner to fix it, funny thing is they don’t know how to do it so i help them out. Some servers are that stupid to give me console but i don’t harm the servers ever that’s just sad. Another thing why i want to become staff i’m able to build warps etc i have build many things shops, crate places, or even more. My weak point of building is building huge projects i’m talking about big exclusive server spawns. I would just get lazy and it would take me a good 5 months to make…What are your intentions when you become staff? 😕 Meet the Staff team.? Make friends with everyone possible in discord.? Learn the commands that my staff position gets. (I most likely know how to use the commands but please tell me what commands i get)? Be active as much as possible.? Try get promoted to the top.? Make good friends with Owners.? Find spare time before going to sleep, on checking the server website responding to applications ect. ? Invite players.? I’m trying to get a trailer for the server currently. (PAID possibly)? Start a decent long server series for YouTube.What separates you from other applicants? : I’m able to be online many hours per day. I have alot of experience as i stated in above paragraph. I’m able to support the server donations, server trailer, more players, YouTube series ect. Finding spare time in bed on my phone to check discord and website applications, ban appeals, suggestions ect.Name 3 things you know about the server :Positive: ? Nice Staff.? Clean friendly server.? Not really any bugs.? Decent player base.? Crate Key all.? Custom plugins.Negative:? There is a ingame bug / something that’s really not really that needed to be fixed but better to be. /help (TAB) lists bunch of random commands that default rank cannot use.? Nothing more than that.Tell us a little bit about yourself : ? I am nearly 16 year old. I’m originally from Poland (was born) when i was about 5 years old i moved to United Kingdom. I have been in the United Kingdom for 10 years now nearly 11.Scenarios:1 . How would you respond to witnessing another admin abusing a bug & encouraging his faction to do so, What do you do? : ? I would collect as much of information in a short amount of time, i would want to report him to the Owner, Manager as soon as possible before it’s too late. He might break the server economy then there will need to be a possible rollback or even a reset… I would also make sure to ask the members of the faction what happened and tell them this is a bannable offensive abusing a bug.2 . A player you strongly dislike begins to insult you in game and other players, they are out of control, What do you do? 😕 Tell them to calm down, i would warn them this has also to do what kind of stuff hes saying if hes saying like “KIll yourself i would mute them for 3 hours” Depends on this server Rules ill stick to them mute times. If hes just swearing i will warn them and shorter mute. Or if hes saying stuff to other players i will ask the person that hes swearing at or saying stuff to what happened and ill try get it sorted with a reasonable mute.

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