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In a lab the
safe working practices are regulated to execute scientific process in a safe
manner these are strict rules therefore they will require to be followed, its
important having them in a safe way so no one can actually disobey them and
also is fair for everyone as everyone has to follow it.  

The CLEAPSS hazcards
(Consortium of Local Education Authorities for the Provision of Science
Services) is a local educational authority which is been working for nearly 50
years now the way that the practices are regulated is that there are two types
of investigation which are the short and long science investigation the way it
is regulated is that shorter investigations have a limited aim and longer
investigations are more open ended and unpredictable this is because in
different occasion different types or investigations are needed in some occasions
short investigation are easier and sometimes the long one is needed.

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The way that
manufactured data sheet are regulated is they are organized is folders which
can be paper based and also saved it in a laptop with a secure software, this
datasheet summarises all the technical characteristic and performance of a
machine and material.

(material safety data sheet) is a type of document that contains information
and rules about hazards, risks, health environment and how to work safely in
the work place or lab. This helps you to be careful with everything you do and
how to handle chemical product without harming yourself and if you don’t follow
this you may be in huge troubles as you are harming yourself and also putting
other people in risk by not following the safety data sheet.

For the good
laboratory practices there are different types of it for example there are
quality standards, UKAS BS 17025 and BS EN ISO 9001. The quality standards are
the practices that are about healthcare which follows high quality
resuscitation service, they are safe because they have a high-quality
healthcare this is regulated because it is highly needed in every scientific
lab because anything can happen and this is usually stored in places where
everyone can see because the healthcare is really important as is about yourself
and your safety.

The compliance
regulation has different types which one of them is FDA where it provides the
instruction for how to conduct activities to check the compliance with drug,
cosmetic food and many other laws which are conducted/done by the FDA.

assessment is one of the most important thing to take care of before any
experiment because the risk assessment tells you all the risk that the
experiment might have and you should be aware of to avoid it and stay safe and to
do that it’s important to follow it and read the whole risk assessment
carefully. The risk assessment is regulated in this way to keep people safe so
no one gets hurt and you don’t get hurt yourself too.

regulations (control of substances Hazardous to Health) are a list practices
which prevents the exposure to any hazardous substances in order to prevent
people from getting ill in their work which is important because in a lab this
provides a guidance of how to control the hazardous substances and not to harm
yourself or anyone close to you.

The HSE (health
and safety executive) inspectors regulates the health and safety in a workplace
and also it researches into occupational risks. The way that it works is that
it protects people in the labs and in many work places to have risks properly
controlled and also it ensures that the employers knows about all the aspects
of safety and health and help them to not to cause injury or becoming ill or
even death.

The UKAS (United
Kingdom accreditation service) it’s a service which is recognised to assess
against the internationally agreed testing and also the organisation that
provides the certification and many other things. What it does is that it
provides confidence on employees and regulators in the provision of the service
which it has an impact on safety and health in labs and any workplaces.

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